Friday, August 19, 2005

(clears throat) Memememememee!!

I've been tagged with a dreaded meme, a blogger's term that I'm not even sure the meaning of... however, Lee Ann says I need to tell everyone the five songs I'm currently digging hard.

1 - Girl Like That - Matchbox Twenty
2 - The Way I Am - Merle Haggard
3 - Nature Boy - Peter Cincotti
4 - Driver's Seat - Sniff 'n the Tears
5 - Drops of Jupiter - Train

And now I'll "tag" 5 people, who will (as I understand it) have to post their 5 fav's on THEIR blogs.

Hoss (I guaran-damn-tee one of his will be "Old Cold Tater")
Chris Cope (I guaran-damn-tee one will be a welsh folk song)
Steve (something cutting edge and cool)
Dr. Mike (only tagging him so he will finally post something new)
AmandaRRRRama (she's just too cool not to tag)


OldHorsetailSnake said...

Does I has to just list the songs? Don't I get to say why I dig 'em hard? (I will anyway, cause I got some Google stock, so there.)

Lee Ann said...

See that was relatively painless! I love the song Drops of Jupiter...good choices.

Amandarama said...

Here ya go:

"Hate" - Fiction Plane
"War Pigs" - Dresden Dolls (yes, that "War Pigs")
"Naked Except For Socks" - Robby Roadsteamer
"Hard For A 'Tard" - The Dave Brockie Experience
"100 Ways To Be A Good Girl" - Skunk Anansie

Dr. Mike said...

Dave, you are just jealous that I have been online, chatting with sweet babes... all day.

Can I have one favorite song in 5 languages? How about an etude which embrases my five favorite holidays?

Bah. I don't feel like thinking about it now..

Pirate said...

Your list shows you definately are not narrow. Good blog.

Pirate said...

Your list shows you definately are not narrow. Good blog.

Kerouaced said...

Okay, I did it. I just copy and pasted what you had but wasn't sure what meme was. Now I know. Pretty soon my vocabulary will be over the 100 word mark and from there on out it's all gravy...

Chris Cope said...

Done. A bit late and all, but there ya go.