Thursday, August 25, 2005

Kill him good

I'm not a huge proponent of the death penalty. I believe it should be reserved only for cases in which there is no shadow of doubt, a confession and incontrovertible DNA evidence... and it should be reserved for the most heinous of crimes.

But if we're going to do it, let's really make it a deterrent. No more lethal injection... come on. The inmate just drifts off to sleep.

Case in point:

This man, Timothy Johnston, killed his wife. Now, just prior to his execution, he's filed an appeal claiming the method of execution (lethal injection) is cruel and unusually painful.

How did he end up on death row?

"Johnston killed his wife, Nancy Johnston, 27, on June 30, 1989, by beating her with his fists, a lawn chair and a rifle butt and by kicking and stomping her with steel-tipped boots. The beating began in her car and ended several blocks later at their home in the 4700 block of Minnesota Avenue."

I suggest Johnston is correct about one thing, he should be spared lethal injection. Instead, I suggest he should be beaten with fists, a lawn chair and rifle butt, then stomped with steel-toed boots until dead.

Now THAT'S a deterrent.


I had dinner and drinks with a friend last night, and we began reminiscing about a few years ago when we first started working together. He reminded me of some things I've done, some pretty cool events that I've completely forgotten about. Stories buried in the jetsam of my busy mind... never taken out, dusted off and relived.

It reminded me of the value of blogging. I'm certain I've recorded pretty much everything of any consequence that I've done since I began this journal. I wish I'd been writing these things down all along.



Kerouaced said...

That piece of shit filed an appeal? What a punk. I'd like to boot stomp him...

OldHorsetailSnake said...

How about remembering the wrong things? In high school we had a math teacher named Sylvia Veatch. I never took a class from her. I can remember the name of only one other teacher. Wish I could get my neurons rejuggled.

musie said...

thanks for stopping by :)
nice blog
very good point, the irony is staggering.

Chris Johnson said...

I agree. An eye for an eye!!

Rob Seifert said...

I'm with you on the death penalty all the way. The method you mention would be much more just than a lethal injection. Unless, of course, that lethal injection was administered using a turkey baster full of quickset cement inserted and discharged into his rectum. As for memories, I'm glad I started blogging because the details fade after a while for me too.


Justice said...

There was a case in North Carolina a few years ago that was interesting. At that time, the law there stated that if an inmate was sentenced to death they automatically got the gas chamber unless they elected lethal injection. The selection had to be made by the inmate 60 days in advance to allow time for preparation.

The inmate in question refused to make a choice, thereby defaulting him to the gas chamber. He filed an appeal claiming the gas chamber was an inhumane and painful means for execution. His appeal was denied because he had a choice for the painless method...lethal injection.

Long and short of it all...the asshole choked to death in the gas chamber. I call him an asshole because the murder he committed was terrible and there was no doubt he did it.

Lee Ann said...

I wonder what way he wanted to go in lieu of the injection. "oh please hook me up to the electric chair instead"! He should consider himself lucky in comparison to his wife.

smays said...

Here's a link to the case facts that got Tim in hot water:

If that link is too long to hold together, just go to