Thursday, August 11, 2005


Peter Jennings, dead this week. Cause, lung cancer. Barbara Bel Geddes, "Miss Ellie Ewing" on Dallas, dead this week. Cause, lung cancer. Dana Reeve, Christopher Reeve's widow, diagnosed with lung cancer this week.

The great news is, the American Lung Assn has logged more than double the average number of online quitters because of what is now being called "The Jennings Effect."

And I found this statistic reassuring... the percentage of adult smokers has dropped from 46 percent in 1964 to 22 percent today. Only 20 percent for women. (if that's true, why are all the really good looking women I see in bars puffing away? Especially if doing so resigns any chance they have for dating me.)

And why am I such a hypocrite about smoking? I smoke cigars, about one per week. No inhaling, but still the nasty breath.


Just saw a story on NBC about how Google Earth is inadvertently providing an opportunity for terrorists to see satellite photos of our military positions in Iraq and plan attacks accordingly. The report stated "while there's no indication the insurgents have used this technology, intelligence analysts say it's likely just a matter of time."

Yeah, especially when they see this freakin' report. I'm all about the media and freedom, but the poignant irony here is unavoidable.

And here I am, contributing... even providing a link to Google Earth. But it's not like Zawahiri reads the Dave page.


I'm now seeing how the NYC Department of Health is urging restaurants to eliminate trans-fats from their menu.

Will there never be a time when people can, on their own volition, practice restraint? Americans, actually humans in general, have trouble with the word MODERATION. But we certainly don't need more legislation to "keep us safe." I can see it coming now, the DOH will be outlawing margarine next. Then chocolate. Then dairy products. Where does it end?

Those who want government to impose restraint upon us puzzle me.


Let me clarify my position from yesterday's post. I have no problem with fast food restaurants, I frequent them... um, frequently. And I love me a thick, juicy steak or burger. My point is, don't freak out about a relatively minute risk while ignoring the bigger ones around you. By all means, do what makes you happy. I just find it funny how people think.



Debbie said...

(I linked here after reading Agog and Aghast this afternoon. If you haven't read it today you are in for a treat)
Thank you for an interesting and thoughtful blog.
Anyway, about legislating health. I agree with you. Taking care of one's health or morality is not something you can legislate. However, having said that, I have recently moved from California (smoke-free everything) to southern Indiana (where I see bumper stickers that say something like 'thank God smoking is still legal'). I walked into Long John Silver's yesterday (talk about your trans fats) and there sits a pretty woman (you're right)smoking - or holding a smoking cigarette while talking on her cell phone). If I could have eaten somewhere else at the moment I would have. I am not even opposed the smell of cigarette smoke - but the actual smoke itself is nauseating and aggravates my EENT. You can bet I am going to keep an eye out for those places that are smoke-free. Smoking sections are an insult to the intelligence. I think legislation just speeds up the process of natural selection. So if I get a chance to vote for a smoke-free Indiana I would vote yes. Not sure trans-fats are on my priority list yet though.

lilly05 said...

I suppose that it should still be within our rights as world citizens to choose the way in which we die. I am opposed to ANY law that is structured to further limit our already dwindling PERSONAL rights! So, smoke 'em if you got 'em. I can still move if I don't like it! Eat all the junk food you want and make it as greasy and nasty as you like, it ain't killing me. Clog your arteries and give yourself cancer, diabetes, heart disease, kidney disease... this is still your right! I have NO DESIRE TO IMPOSE MY MORAL, ETHICAL, OR HEALTHY BELIEFS ON YOU!!! Well now, I'm feelin better already! Thanks again for the thought prokoking post Dave, as always, excellent.

lilly05 said...

erm... that would be "Thought PROVOKING Post"...I really need to spell check more often! LMAO ;p

Mishka said...

I am all for anti-smoking legislation because that is one person forcing their habit on someone else, but as far as making restaurants remove trans-fats...give me a break.

While trans-fats may be bad for your health in the long term...they aren't going to kill you right now, and there are much quicker killers out there that could be concentrated on, if a person feels they need to make legislation over something.

Personally, I think that people should be responsible for themselves most of the time and stop trying to find someone else to blame for everything.

Rob Seifert said...

This sort of thing is not so much about legislating health as it is about legislating morality - that is make one set of values subordinate to another. I for one could use less fat food and more excercise. For now, at least, that's my problem. Until these wackos get the right to make me excercise and eat well, that is. I suppose I'll resist if they ever get there in much the same way as I do when it comes to seat belts - I only click it when I see a cop and figure I could get a ticket. We must defend our right to be fat, lazy, complacent slobs damn it! Defend it or lose it!


Anonymous said...
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Lee Ann said...

You know, this is one of those topics that make people hot. If others can't be harmed by someone else's vice, then I don't worry about it. People can choose to do things that are not good for them (providing it not be illegal) as long as it doesn't have an impact on others. Does that sound selfish? Well, I don't mean for it to sound that way.(I certainly don't like to see people do harm to themselves, especially your friends and the ones you love, but then again, you still want your freedoms). I feel very strongly that if you do something that will adversely affect someone else, that you shouldn't be doing it no matter what it is. We all know human nature....the moment you try to reason with someone you care about to not do something harmful to themselves, most of the time they don't listen. It has to be their own decision.

Lightning Bug's Butt said...

Lung cx is very, very common. In fact, many other cancers are actually lung cx, once they type them. It just metastasizes to other parts of the body before presenting symptoms.

gary said...

Ha Ha...He said "metastasize"

OldHorsetailSnake said...

When they outlaw buns, only outlaws will have buns.

Kerouaced said...

Someone out there is lying about their smoking...

Weary Hag said...

When a car comes up the road at 90 miles an hour and is aiming right at me, I move the fuck out of the way.

If you have to think about this for too long, it'll never sink in.