Friday, August 12, 2005

Oh ME of little faith

I'm a science-minded guy. I don't buy into legend/lore, and I'm not good at taking things on "faith."

For instance, I am concerned about global warming, based on evidence and study. Those who deny the existence of global warming, however, have a valid argument... there is a plethora of evidence supporting active, accelerating global warming, yet some figures just haven't jived with that evidence.

Now, it appears perhaps they've found the discrepency. An exerpt:

After correcting for the problem, the researchers estimate there has been a global temperature increase of 0.4 degree Fahrenheit, per decade, for the last 30 years. ''Unfortunately, the warming is in an accelerating trend — the climate has not yet caught up with what we've already put into the atmosphere."
Now what will be the excuse? Ah, hell. The world won't become a cinder during MY lifetime, so why should I worry?


Speaking of, I have a great deal of respect for people of faith. It's not for me, but I think if you have a personal commitment to a religious lifestyle or idea, that's great.

But hypocrisy is rampant in many churches, and now it appears it may exist in the American bastion of Catholicism, St. Patrick's Cathedral in NY.

There is evidence that Monsignor Eugene Clark is having an affair with his long-time secretary. He denies it, but has tenured his resignation.

Clearly something's rotten in the state of the Catholic church, and I know what it is. It's time to bring things into the 21st century. The idea that priests aren't allowed to carry on a human existence is archaic and unrealistic. If priests aren't allowed to marry, how can they have the credibility required for marriage counseling? If I'm going to receive counseling, that person had better have been through it. Preferrably a couple of times!

It's just wrong to expect a human to live a life of abstinence, it's unnatural. The Bible itself encourages sex. And let's face it, we guys are much happier when we're gettin' some.

And why is it a sin to prevent conception of an unwanted child? Isn't it more sinful to bring a child into the world and not be able to provide adequate parenting? Unwanted children make for unhappy, unsettled and unproductive members of society. And it's just sad.

People are human, they are succeptible to human "flaws." To expect someone to abide by unrealistic laws only elevates temptation and invites hypocrisy. I don't deny Minsignor Clark's need for sexual relations, nor should he. But let's not judge others when our own "back porch" needs sweeping.

If you lock a starving person in a kitchen, they're going to eat.



RepMan said...

What exacerbates the allegations in my mind is that Clark has previously used his powerful position to wax poetic on the "immorality in the American culture." This incident is shockingly similar to the Harry Stonecipher/Boeing saga. Readers will recall that after becoming Boeing's CEO, Stonecipher initiated strict personal behavior guidelines for employees as part of the corporation's revamped code of ethics. Then, he went ahead and had an affair with an employee that ended up costing him his job.
It's no wonder many feel that America has lost its moral compass when the Clark's and Stonecipher's of the world act in such blatant disingenuous ways. As a former altar boy, I can only pray things get better before they get any worse.

Chris Cope said...

Unfortunately, a good number of people refuse to acknowledge global warming for just that reason -- it won't happen in their lifetime. I am even more worried by the people who operate on the theory that man cannot destroy the earth because God made it, and if the earth does go to shit it is solely through the actions of God, who is hastening the End Days.

Lee Ann said...

The priests in the Episcopal church are allowed to marry. I guess that was just one of the differences that split them from the Roman Catholic church. I agree that things should be looked at more closely and determine that the rules are truly unrealistic.

Amandarama said...

"After correcting for the problem, the researchers estimate there has been a global temperature increase of 0.4 degree Fahrenheit, per decade..."

Whew! And here I thought I was just having premature hot flashes...

I'm moving to Antarctica...

lilly05 said...

Not being a religious person, I have little room or reason to cast stones. I do believe that to deny the most basic human need is just asking for trouble, see previous scandal that rocked the Catholic Church. I understand on some level that the act of self-denial is an act of submission to ones faith, but let's face it not everyone is cut out for celebacy. The global warming issue is both frightening and sickening and the lack of concern is I suppose that we just go on....drop another $100 in the gas tank of my suburban and drive.

OldHorsetailSnake said...

Do you suppose the Catholic Church would have had fewer pedophiles if women had been available? And in your last sentence, are you sayin' the Monsignor has been eating this lass? This is getting exciting...