Saturday, January 01, 2005

Where we are...


We've traveled from N.O. to Destin... it's 72 degrees this morning and we spent it walking the beach. There was an amazing amount of damage from hurricane Ivan. It's depressing how much of the beautiful sand is washed away. I suppose it's natures way of cleansing things. It's slowly getting back to normal though and is again becoming very beautiful. I'll upload more pictures later, we're going out for the day. I'll also take time tonight to write a few lines and tell of our adventure so far. It's fairly liberating to just hop in the car with a couple of friends and start driving with no real plan.

This is where I want to be. By the ocean. I've waited long enough, I think we're going to look at condos for sale today.

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Spinning Girl said...

Wow, kind of strange to read this post-Katrina.