Wednesday, January 26, 2005

SpongeBob, stir fry & such things

So SpongeBob is gay.

That is the latest word from "Focus on the Family" founder Dr. James Dobson.

Okay, look... I am as conservative as the next guy. I hate what gangsta rap and MTV have done to kids these days. I think we're walking a fine line of decency on television and radio. I wish things were more pure - like, say, 30 years ago.

But I am also irked by the continued stupidity of the ultra-right. My recent Falwell piece is another example of how the off-the-map neoconservatives have sullied their party's platform. Guys, do me a favor. Sweep your own back porch. Jesus preached tolerance, why do you have such a hard time with it?

And for Christ sake, SpongeBob is NOT gay. I know this for a fact, I hit on him at a party once. Completely stonewalled me.

I made dinner tonight, and although I spent most of the day barely able to swallow because of sore throat, this meal was fantastic. It was nothing near what my wife makes routinely... but I'm talking about ME here, a guy who can barely manage to open his own bag of chips.

The meal was stir fry, a recipe borrowed from my friend Rick. Lots of vegetables, mushrooms, peppers, shrimp and orange slices... sauteed in soy, olive oil and red wine, served over rice with a splash of teriyaki sauce. It was a groovy meal - and a good break from the type of meals I usually cook.

We signed up for AT&T CallVantage(sm) service this week. It's VOIP, (voice over internet protocol) so everything goes through the cable modem. (weird to think about getting rid of the telephone company) It's great, if the modem ever goes out, AT&T automatically routes all calls to my cell phone. When I get a call, I can make it ring at home, both of our cell phones and in the car simultaneously. Whoever answers first gets the call. Like having extensions anywhere you want. Pretty neat stuff!

Voice mail can be retrieved through the home phone, from any other phone in the world, we can click on an icon on our call management page of the internet, or have the mp3 recordings emailed to our inbox. The quality seems good so far, but we're bandwidth hogs - my voice over sessions all get uploaded to a central server. I generally upload hundreds of megabytes every day, so I already had to ask AT&T to up the bandwidth the telephone adapter can handle. But since then, it's been perfect. We did have to get new phone numbers, so if you're a friend or client, dial the old number. The new digits are recorded on the outgoing voicemail messages.

Okay, you're bored, and I am out of things to say. So what are we still doing here?

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Dr. Mike said...

I actually believe the phylum "sponge" is a hermaphodite. (Ask our friend Ron [link unknown] what that means!) "The early bird gets to eat first..."