Saturday, January 22, 2005

Hi Googlers!!!

Here are a few phrases that will now show up on search engines and should get some errant (although soon-to-be disillusioned) visitors to my blog:

Britney Spears nude
nude pics of Britney
Britney topless pictures
Spears without clothing
Britney Spears porn
naked pictures of Britney
totally nude Britney Spears
skank without scruples Spears
Britney boobies
boobies Britney
Britney Spears freshly shaven ass
she's Britney she's naked
spank to Spears free
Brittney lesbian photos (Britney misspelled deliberately)
Kournikova Spears video
Britney Spears with a goat

Message to Spears fans - there's no porn, but maybe you'll learn something. Keep reading!

1 comment:

Gunter said...

To me, it doesn't seem like that's going to work. To me.