Monday, January 31, 2005

I don't often discuss politics

My friend Mike Anderson's blog included an interesting link today -


I'm not sure where you "come down" on the issues, but I consider myself a moderate Republican. I say moderate because there are issues upon which I agree with the Democrats - yet, I fall just a little on the red side of center.

The writer of the above-linked article for, Karyn Strickler, actually got me to write her a letter. I NEVER write letters! (when I see something that pisses me off, I usually just click another link and move on)

She is representative of a party of bitter people who feel cheated by the results of the election - irrespective of it's obvious legitimacy. My letter to her, cut/pasted below, encourages her to get on with life, put a smile on and get a candidate for 2008 that can "get 'er done."


While I support your right and willingness to share your opinions on today’s state of politics, (I am a moderate conservative) I must say that, the absurd attempts at rationalization of the election results (or implication of impropriety because Kerry didn’t win) serve only to insult thinking Americans on both sides of the aisle.

While I don’t agree with President Bush on all the issues, he won the election. Most of us have accepted this and begun moving on. You should do the same – and be encouraged by this challenge:

Name a president in recent history who has successfully pushed an agenda forward in a second term. Clinton basically did nothing his second term, (beyond slight modifications, then endorsements of Republican ideas) nor did Ronald Reagan. Am I wrong? I am relying on memory here. ;)

Don’t be afraid of a second term. As you have so aptly pointed out, Bush has no chance of overturning Rowe v. Wade. He has very small likelihood of doing anything to further harm the ecology. He’ll not succeed at major military action beyond Iraq, we’re pretty tapped out there… and it looks like we’ll be there for a considerable time. Federal funding for stem cell research may be delayed (I am a big supporter, by the way)… but when measured against history, any “damage” Bush can inflict is most likely done.

Democrats should regroup – and take a good run at 2008. Find a candidate that represents the values of the party better than Kerry did… you must admit he was a weak candidate. But also understand that America chose the lesser of two evils in 2004. Most of us are somewhere in the middle, NOT wingers. Put a candidate out there who can take the best ideas from both sides and make them policy.

I like John McCain and Joe Liebermann. Those guys have a good, more central mindset. Unfortunately, Americans vote not only on the issues, but also on looks and personality... and neither McCain nor Liebermann possess the look or the personality to succeed. Too bad it’s that way, but it is.

Your examples of map manipulation/distortion to make it "bluish-purple" is ill-conceived. However, the idea that most INDIVIDUAL mainstream Americans are purple, not red or blue, is spot-on. Also, most mainstream Americans don't exhibit the level of hatred or negativity those on the far left or far right do.

Thoughts? Thanks for your time, I enjoy reading your work.

Dave Morris


I don't often discuss politics. Politics really suck. And so do most politicians. Prisons are filled with well intentioned pot-smokers... while CONGRESSMEN run free.

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