Friday, January 28, 2005

The politics of the gift certificate

This weekend we're throwing a party for Tawnya's sister - it's her 50th birthday. Happy birthday, sis!

My issue with gift-bearing holidays is always - is it okay to do the gift certificate? In this day/age, does it seem insensitive, impersonal, or any other in or im? Or is it absolutely freakin' brilliant?

I tend to think it's brilliant. The person always gets what they need. They can pick out their favorite brand, style and color. If it's a Macy's certificate they might opt for anything from lingerie to a fishing rod 'n' reel. (or better yet, meet in the middle and choose fishnet stockings)

Sure, there is always the possibility they will be insulted by the amount of the certificate... in which case I'll just go back and get them a bigger, more valuable certificate.

Just kidding, if they don't like the amount, screw them.

I happen to know my daughter is more thrilled with a mall gift card than most anything I could pick out for her. Of course we always buy her an actual gift, something personal and sweet... I never leave her hanging with only the certificate. (and I always accompany her on her spending spree - I don't ever want her to wear a hoochie outfit claiming it was a birthday gift from Dad)

I'm sure it's a personal thing... maybe to you, the negative politics of giving a gift certificate outweigh the positive aspects. If so, just let me know - and I'll consider getting sis a toaster.

Any thoughts to share on the subject?

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Anonymous said...

Dad?!?!?! I'm shocked that you would say something like that! How rude!!! lOl...ummm, hoochie? I don't think so buddy! Sorry!
I love you though...