Tuesday, January 25, 2005

Literally breathtaking observation... gasp.... gasp!

Have you ever noticed how people misuse the word "literally?"

"Bobby Joe literally jumped out of his skin when he heard the news about Ginny May!" That always slays me. So you're telling me a skinless man is standing there with his mouth agape? Really?

Or, "Grandma literally crapped her pants when the officer stopped her for speeding." Well, no. She didn't literally crap her pants. She only pooped figuratively.

It was a fairly good day, with one exception. I am coming down with my first cold in over 2 years. Not just the sniffles, I mean a real doozy. Sore throat, tight muscles, slight fever, headache. And it comes at a most inopportune time... I am working on some major projects right now. But there's never a convenient sickness.

So this will be a short entry, I need to get some sleep. I feel like I've literally been hit by a truck.

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kdillon said...

I agree with what you wrote on the use of the word "literally, or incorrect use, I guess I should say.

I'm the same way about the term "I could care less." People ALWAYS say "Well, I could care less about what she thinks," when actually, it should be that the person COULDN'T care less. If you COULD care less, you leave room for even caring less than you said you did.

That kind of crap literally makes me wanna hurl!