Tuesday, January 11, 2005

Circle of life

Today we experienced a beginning and an end. On the same day.

Welcome Jaylin Noelle Camden. 3 lbs., 13 ounces, Tawnya's new great niece! Born several weeks early, she'll be in the hospital for a little while longer, but she's in great health. Congrats to Ryan and Melanie, the proud parents. MAN, are your lives about to change!


Godspeed to Adrianne Marie Fenton. We mourned her passing tonight at her funeral in Greenville, IL. (my tribute to her remains on this site, a few stories down)

One final word on the subject and I promise I'm through for a while. Ever heard of those celebratory funerals... the kind some black folks have? The ones that include friends, neighbors, family and anyone looking for a good plate of casserole afterward... and where folks rear back and practically shout the songs? It's almost like a party - an utter all-out celebration of the life of the person - and the biggest tears are usually followed with a good belly laugh from way down deep! Anyone who wants to is free to stand up and say how they feel... and stories of the deceased are retold one more time...

And you can almost feel the person's soul in the room.

THAT is the kind of funeral I want. Let the attendees decide what's next... an open schedule and open hearts. I want people to leave with a warm feeling - and I want them to know how much I cared for them.

Yep. That's how I want to go. I'm going to copy this and give it to my wife so she knows what to do. But not anytime soon, honey.

Bye bye, Adrianne. We love ya.