Saturday, December 25, 2004


Things pop into my mind and I seldom have control of when or why. Having said that...

I'm in the business of words... so I wonder what the most uttered words on Christmas day might be here in America. Would it be MERRY CHRISTMAS, or GOOD MORNING? I'd say THANK YOU is right up there, probably at number two. I believe the number one most uttered phrase on Christmas morning is probably "I didn't know."

"I didn't know what size to get you."
"I didn't know if green was your color."
"I didn't know if you'd really like an oil painting of deer mating."
"I didn't know if you were still collecting statuettes of Donald Trump."

I'll bet if you really think about it, I DIDN'T KNOW is probably Christmas mornings most articulated phrase.

"I didn't know if Sam was getting you the matching fishnet hose to go with this leather thong."

I'm glad I got to the bottom of that.

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