Saturday, December 04, 2004

Touristy stuff

Such a beautiful day with lots of sunshine. It's hard to think that Winter is here and any old day we could get dumped on.

Jim and Ryan got in last night at 8:20, I called Ryan's cell phone as we pulled up to the airport and they were just coming out. What timing! We ended up hitting Kreiger's sports bar for a bite, then headed out to a place called Stovall's, a little country music joint in the woods. A small group of friends had gathered there, so we joined them for some beers and dancing. Then came home and crashed. Slept until 8 this morning, got up and made coffee. Tawnya made breakfast for all of us. Now we'll head out to be tourists today. It's weird, St. Louis isn't a real tourist destination but there are actually lots of things to do/see. I figure I'll take them to the brewery, the arch and Kimmswick. Jim suggested we book a trip to Hawaii as a group and that sounds really good. Perfect time of year for it. Last time we were out there was when we got married in Maui in 2000.

Tawnya's mom was feeling strange the other night so they took her to the hospital. Turns out she had 80 percent blockage in the right side, so they put in a stint. She's feeling better, but is diabetic and is bleeding a little so they'll keep her one extra day. It's amazing how opening up a blockage makes your whole world look better... I've talked several people who had the procedure.

I'd better change clothes and get ready to hit the road. Lots of things to see today, then Tawnya has to work tonight. Maybe I'll feed our guests a nice steak tonight at Tucker's. What's that noise, is it my arteries slamming shut?!?

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