Saturday, December 11, 2004

What a day

I helped my brother Ron move today, and made him promise to not move again for at least 15 years. Partly because I'll be 55 then, and in no shape to help! The new house is great, huge basement with a big fully stocked oak bar. The rest is pretty fuzzy... I think there are bedrooms, a kitchen, etc, etc... but I really only remember the important part.

The weekend started by attending a cheery Christmas gathering with a buddy at his gym. It's always fun to watch people at a gym - that sort of atmosphere brings out the most primal of instincts in humans. I was watching the looks that girls give each other when they feel their territory has been invaded. Simply priceless. Fortunately, there was beer and it was a good time.

Then got up at 7-ish this morning and headed to meet the guys and help Ron move. My forearms and lower back are aching tonight. There were lots of stairs and two truckloads of stuff - and it was one of the BIG trucks. I just got home and am going to soak for a while in the hot tub to stop the soreness. I feel really old on days like this.

I'm still not the least bit in the Christmas spirit. I'm hoping that setting up the tree will help, I'm planning to accomplish this tomorrow. We have a great tree and it usually does the trick. I'll put Bing Crosby and Andy Williams on the stereo and maybe get some eggnog. I can't believe the family has allowed me to put off tree-decorating this long. Fascinating, could it be I'm not the only one NOT in the mood yet?

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