Wednesday, December 15, 2004

Hospitals, Christmas & the Chinese

I haven't posted for a couple of days, I've had my hands quite full.

Tuesday morning started as usual, made coffee and opened my laptop to start scouring the news sites to find out what happened overnight. A few minutes later I'm feeling this pain in my right jaw and right-upper back below my shoulder blade. Hmmm... that feels weird. Generally, if it's your heart it will be in the left side of your body, so I wasn't particularly worried, but decided to call my doctor anyway. He sent me right to the ER...

...which of course screwed up my entire day.

I'm only 40 and in relatively decent shape - so I knew it was nothing big. I went through a battery of tests and x-rays. All tests were perfectly normal, the x-ray showed nothing. They scheduled me for a stress test, just to make sure. After thinking about it, it appears it was a sore gum/tooth and indigestion. Jesus what a waste of the day. The good news is, I got to find out for sure that I was heart-healthy, always a nice thing to know.

After the hectic day at the hospital, we had our traditional yearly Sam's Steakhouse dinner with our friends Debbie and Tim. Ironic, after being tested for heart-related problems I figured it was time for a 24-ounce porterhouse, baked potato and salad. (the salad cancels out the steak, so it's okay... right?) It was fun catching up with Debbie & Tim, the last time we saw them was earlier this year when Tawnya organized a trip to New Orleans for my 40th birthday. It was great, 10 people went for 4 days and we got really wasted. (shocking pictures below, scroll down) It's become a tradition among a circle of our friends to celebrate my birthday somewhere out of town. My 39th was in Playa del Carmen, Mexico.

Another favorite tradition of mine - every Christmas night we have a late dinner at a Chinese restaurant. We always celebrate the holiday on Christmas EVE, which leaves our entire Christmas day open to do whatever we want. Pretty cool actually... the Chinese don't celebrate Christmas, and since it's harder to find an open restaurant on Christmas night than lettuce in Kirstie Alley's digestive tract, you always have a good amount of company. And generally there's a vibe in the room, sort of a "thank goodness Christmas is over" camraderie.

Strange, I ALREADY feel that vibe at my house.

So it's Wednesday, and I told myself I'd have the Christmas tree up last Sunday. It's still in the box, but... the box is out of storage and sitting in the middle of the family room! Such PROGRESS! Hopefully, sometime before the 24th, I'll open the box and assemble its contents.

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