Friday, December 03, 2004

Can you answer this...

A question just to see if people really navigate to this blog and actually read contents:

In a song by Fred Knoblock called "Why Not Me," what are the names of the three friends mentioned? (one didn't show for the wedding because of a golf game) Just leave it in the "comments" field if you know the answer. Why am I asking this? I truly don't know. Just wondering if someone will have the energy to google search the lyrics and post the answer. I need a life.

Just got a call that Jim & Ryan will be late, their flight was changed so they had to transfer to another airline. They'll be here a couple of hours later than we expected, but that's okay. I'll take them on a tour of the brewery tomorrow, and then a trip up in the arch. The usual St. Louis crap. Got a nice call from my Mom a few minutes ago, she's been feeling under the weather and I tried to cheer her up a little. She's stuck in the unfriendly confines of Warsaw, MO and there are very few things to keep her busy there. I'm hoping I can find her a place to live close by this Spring. I think she felt better when we got off the phone. She sounded more "up." She's awesome.

Done with work today, time to clean up the bar and stock the fridge with weekend beer. I'm working up a powerful thirst just thinking about it.


paula said...

Bill, Charlie and Eddie...yes, I have no life either Dave...Bet you thought no one would post an anwser.

have a good weekend.

kdillon said...

Yeah, I knew all three names too, WITHOUT looking it up on Google...I STILL love that song, and still remember when we played it so damn many years ago!

Eddie was the smart one that had a golf game that he just had to go to!