Thursday, December 09, 2004

Space...the final.... uh... ah, never mind

Thursday and I have a good, positive attitude going today. Tawnya had a "procedure" yesterday that took her out of commission for the day, but it was good to be able to fluff her pillow and take care of her. (although she didn't require much) She always takes great care of me, sick or not. Sometimes I think I will never be able to pay her back for the things she does.

As for my previous post of the moon picture... isn't astronomy a great thing? (trying not to appear a geek, here) I have a neat telescope I keep telling myself I need to start using. I want to get one of those outside portable fireplaces, some marshmallows and my telescope one night and have fun with the kids. My telescope isn't one of the little ones, it has a computer with it that will turn the scope to whatever star you click on. Too bad it doesn't have auto-focus, I have a hell of a time getting it focused in.

Here is an interesting site if you're into space stuff. It's NASA's "Picture of the Day." (which is where I got that moon picture) It changes daily, so check back. It's always something interesting, and it always puts me in my place! haha!

Enough about space. I need breakfast and a shower. I'll write more later.


Anonymous said...


Quinn has found your blog!
BIG mistake letting wierdos like me know about your
blog....when I start smoking my crack pipe I can get
a little fourth dimensional.
From one geek to dad got me into astronomy when I was a kid. Ever the resourceful engineer, Dad got a 6 foot reflecting telescope kit that we put together. I'm not into it anymore but have many good memories. My newest geek hobby: radio controlled electric airplanes. Dude, I am obsessed!
I'm even getting up an hour early before work and flying at the local park. Yes, you can fly these things in the winter, even in light rain/snow! The technology is amazing. All that aerospace/defense technology is making its way to other areas. digital
servos, digital transmitters, Lithium-Polymer battery
packs, micro gas turbine name it!
If you're curious, check

Spinning Girl said...

Science geeks ROCK.