Sunday, December 05, 2004


It's a quiet night, T is still at her moms. The Rams actually won one, of course it was against the 49'ers who are 1-11 now. I'm watching the rain fall in the backyard. The pool guy just had to drain about 2 feet of water out of the pool, we've gotten so much rain this fall that the pool was completely full under the tarp.

I'm headed to the tread mill, I am on a mission to lose 25 pounds by February 1. I talked to a personal trainer last week and am thinking about going that route. I don't feel good about being this heavy. When I graduated HS I was 6'2" and weighed 143. I never want to be that thin again, but it would be nice to be under 200.

I am not feeling very deep this week so all my posts have been "this is what is happening today." Boring shit. So in an effort to move to more heavy subjects... I am listening to comedian Lewis Black. Funny shit. Laughing my ass off! Gotta go enjoy it, I'll be deep some other time.

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