Thursday, December 02, 2004

Jennings is a LOSER

Ken Jennings lost on Jeopardy. 2.5 million in winnings, out of which he will owe 1.04 million to the Feds and Utah, his home state. The irony... he lost on a question about H&R Block!

Now 40 percent of his winnings will go toward a school system that he doesn't use and a tax system full of waste and inefficiency. Which "after taxes" leaves him 60 percent. Of course don't forget, another HUGE part of the amount remaining will go toward property tax on a new home he'll probably buy, sales tax on a car or two, sales tax on anything else he buys with it... and then of course eventual capital gains tax, an inheritance tax, and finally an estate, gift and generation-skipping tax, aka DEATH tax.

Am I the only person who has such a negative attitude toward such a cool victory by this guy? I am a realist (many would call me cynical) and I tend to weigh things before celebrating. This tax system needs overhauling in a big way.

I LOVE the idea of a flat national sales tax, with exempt cards for those who need them. If we all paid 12 percent at the register, when making a car payment, when filling up the tank, when paying your utility bill... what a great world this would be! Shit, think of the implications. Drug dealers, "under the table" income people, prostitutes, war lords, those who host BUNKO parties fer Christsake... would pay taxes. There obviously would be separate rules for corporations, businesses, et al. But how simple it would be.

Agency day, I have a recording session today for US Expedition. Their holiday commercial will air on several national channels, which is exciting. Then, I need to spend part of the day picking up dog shit. Regis has made himself quite a "debris-field" in the front yard. There is no tactful way of picking up shit, really. A friend suggested rubber gloves - and I'm thinking "does this guy really think you use your HANDS to pick up shit?" I have one of those handy gadgets that looks like a piece of construction equipment. Pick up the turd, drop it in the bag, no muss, no fuss. But you still look like an idiot doing it... so I'll have to pick a time when most of the neighbors are gone. I'd say about 2:30 this afternoon.

Did you know there are companies out there who specialize in the disposal of the canine calling card? They are professional perveyors of poop, sanitizers of shit, disposers of dysentary. Evacuators of the coiled perfume snake. And then they BILL you for it.

I love this country.

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