Sunday, August 03, 2008

They went that-a-way

How hard can it be to not get in a stampede?

What is it about third world or developing nations that makes their citizens prone to stampeding? Why the rush... I mean seriously. Is there a big sale down at The Wal Marts' Jakarta supercenter? (no, in this case it was the rumor of a landslide)

I've seen John Wayne stop a thousand stampedes. All it takes it shooting a gun into the air. Haven't the people in India seen movies?
I just don't get it. 150 people dead, many children. What a waste.

The only similar event we have here would be the wedding dress stampede. Have you seen these people?

Who's marrying these gals anyway?

Yes, I'm a coarse, harsh bastard. That's life, okay? ;)


Clippy Mat said...

Dave: you are a coarse harsh bastard. oh you already said that! :-)
i'm catching up. reading what you've been up to while i was gone.
So true about the Duke. He could start a landslide stop any stampede or even a mad rush of large ladies looking for wedding dresses with a single shot as you say. What's gone wrong with the world?

Dr. Mike said...

Hey! Those chicks need love too. (I saw them stampeding Wally's world by the tax-free school supply section.)