Saturday, August 16, 2008

Extra saturated fat, please

Where fast food is concerned, my favorite restaurant is Wendy's. Tonight as I watched a commercial for the new "Baconator," I wondered why they couldn't have come out with this sandwich back when I didn't give a shit about my health.

Two huge beef patties, cheese, more cheese and 6 slices of bacon. That's probably 1/3 pound of hog. They don't even bother to offer healthy toppings like lettuce or tomato. Hell no.

Just the name Baconator brings to mind arterial clogs, hypertension, stents and other such things. I'm pretty sure you'd need to pop statins like they were Skittles prior to consumption.

Steady, Dave. Steady...


Blogarita said...

I love Wendy's buns. They have the best buns in fast food.

Six slices of bacon? Sounds about right to me.

Violet said...

Mmmmm.... Bacon.

(How many jokes about bacon is this guy going to do?)

Clippy Mat said...

A heart attack in every bite.
but enjoy ;-))