Friday, February 03, 2006

This made me laugh*

The internet is such a huge buffer!

Although I don't lie, I am careful to pick only the best pictures to post on my blog. That's a form of lying, I guess. I'm not very photogenic and frankly, a pretty ordinary-looking guy... so it's important that I put my best foot forward!

And did I mention, I race speed boats?

*thanks to Gene "Horsetail Snake" (one of my favorite people in the world) for the picture.


Bob2837465 said...

donchya wish your girlfriend was hot like me?

great thing about the internet: what they don't know won't hurt them. AKA ignorance is bliss!

OldHorsetailSnake said...

My friend Vicki said this cartoon is gross, except for the bunny slippers, which she thought were dynamite. Maybe I'll get her a pair.

(Yeah, I'll call. I need an update.)

Lee Ann said...

I think we all try to put our best foot, or whatever it may be, forward!!! ;)
I think you are a doll!

phoenix said...

I don't know... I think I like the bunny slippers too... or not. LOL

I think we all tend to keep a little of the real us hidden, even in real life. It is what keeps us grounded for lack of a better word.

Spinning Girl said...

Everybody lies in some manner.

Raynwomaan said...

This picture was hilarious. Reminded me of my husband and me when we first met. Online.

I've always been careful to be honest about what I do show, but then some people believe in lies of omission, and I rarely tell people that I'm a raving, inconsistent lunatic. :)

Weary Hag said...

Wait. You mean some people post "regular" pictures of themselves?

I think everyone's guilty of being photo-selective when posting a pic of themselves.

As you can see, I've completely eliminated mine altogether. Yikes, didn't take too long to run out of the 'not so bad' ones.