Friday, February 10, 2006

Stop me before I ponder

So the radio bug never really leaves you. I enjoyed the air-time a lot this week, it reminded me of my passion for entertainment.

I am getting ready to go out of town next week, for the annual pilgrimage to Nashville, TN for Country Radio Seminar. It's a time for contemplation, research, planning, strategy and forward thinking.

Or, as we call it in the voice over business - heavy drinking, followed by detox.

My weekend plans will be dominated by laundry, cleaning, packing, etc. Between all of it, I will take time to ponder some of life's mysteries. Such as:

How can DirecTV continue to screw up my account, yet keep me as a client?

What keeps mermaids from developing argulus, dermocystidium or fin rot?

Will it be possible, with time, to restore the allure of Madagascar... to eliminate her tainted surface waters, malaria, and bacterial and protozoal diarrhea outbreaks? And, given time and resources, can the majestic island thumb her nose at the arrogant disposition of Mozambique?

Where was Fred Flintstone's personal drive and motivation? Why did he settle for working for that prick, Mr. Slate, when he had that flying green alien, Gazoo? I could make a fortune with that little bastard. And did Fred ever wander next door to get him some Betty? (DON'T click that link!) (I warned you, didn't I?)

How do you keep the music playing? How do you make it last? How do keep the song from fading too fast?

Can I possibly get more shit in my junk drawer?

When will people learn that sandals 'n socks are the sign of a confident, mature and well-rounded man?

Sandra Oh: Hot or not?

These ponderables should keep my brain occupied for a while, even as it anticipates next week's bludgeonry at the hands of it's arch nemesis, Glenlivet.


Bob2837465 said...

Here - I think I can help you out, so that you don't waste too much energy worrying about these things:

1. You don't have a choice.

2. The ichthyologist.

3. Yes and yes.

4. Fred Flintstone was a stoner. Therefore, he had no drive or ambition and was satisfied in a job he could go to while he was high. This is also why he had Gazoo. And Fred never "got him" any Betty, because SHE was too busy with Wilma!

5. Duracell batteries in your iPod.

6. Yes. Always.

7. When that confident, mature, well-rounded man realizes that he is living in a delusional state.

8. Hot.

The Doggy Did It said...


CP said...

Sandra Oh is what my husband and I call a "butterface".

We like her body, but her face?

We like her body, but her face.

We like her body, butter face.

Getting it now? *L*


Jess Riley said...

Good questions, all...and how weird is it that Sandra Oh was in my dream the other night? She was telling me I needed to make one of the characters in my novel give up dairy.

Lee Ann said...

Is direct TV part of Charter communications?
Maybe a mermaid shakes her fin out everyday, you know like a wet dog.
Fred and Betty probably wandered together in the bedrock!!! Think Wilma and Barney ever got together?
The music plays longer when you are happy.
Try using a junk won't have as much stuff in it (as it is not as big as a drawer) ;)
Socks and sandals????? hmmmm...I love sandals, but my feet get cold even in the summer time, so it is torture for me to give freedom to the little piggies during the summer!
Hope you have a great weekend and great trip to Nashville.

Spinning Girl said...

This post makes me violently angry.

Spinning Girl said...

I have lost all respect for Betty. Also, mermaids are gross.

StringMan said...

I thought you were terrific on the radio Dave. I listened for a few hours at my desk. Wish you did every afternoon. I'd be a regular streamer ...

You're right about Betty. I'd a dun her.

Please pass my regards to my good friend Glen. Safe trip.

Kylee said...

Have a great time on your trip

OldHorsetailSnake said...

You lucky guy. There you have to go to a seminar where they will force you to drink Scotch until you're too drunk to do Sandra Oh --or Betty.

Amandarama said...

Have a fun trip. Be careful of the Scotch. That was what I was drinking last night.

I don't remember a lot of last night...

Raynwomaan said...

It's fun to ponder the weird things of life... for instance, is it really her name, or does Sandra Oh expect to see something else when she looks in the mirror, so she changed her name to reflect her surprise?

Dave, will you send me your chili recipe? Pretty please? You could just drop it in my mailbox. I'm only about three hours west of Nashville.

Rob Seifert said...

Enjoy the trip Dave! Thanks for stopping by and kicking me in the butt. Sandra does nothing for me I'm afraid though, I've always thought there was probably an entire subplot left unexplored in the Flintstones. They did, after all, do everything together... Direct TV has not done me too bad though I must say that even with TWO dishes on my roof, my signal still gets interupted!


Lightning Bug's Butt said...

Sandra Oh is one of the few ORIENTAL (not ASIAN, ORIENTAL!) chicks who manages to NOT be hot!

Can't stand her.