Friday, January 06, 2006

Phosphorously Funny Stuff

I realize it isn't phosphorous that makes a Lightning Bug's Butt glow, but it worked for the title, so shut up.

Anyway, it's been a while since I laughed so hard. Click this link and read about Bug's Butt's* view on multiple-gear bicycles.

I remember getting a three-speed when I was 7, and thinking I was The Shit until freakin' Kenny Noland got a 10 speed, so I kicked his ass on the playground. That's when I learned that all of the ass-kicking in the world isn't going to get you more gears.

Today, I have an 18 or 20-sumpin' gear and only use the first 5.

Still, SCREW YOU Kenny Noland.

* Lightning Bug's Butt is one of my very favorite daily reads, so stop by and bookmark him. He's what my friend Steve Mays calls TFTTJ, "Too Funny For Their Job." He needs to write full-time.

1 comment:

Spinning Girl said...

That bike post is, indeed, a good one. Ever since I commented on it, I have whacked my groin a good 2-3 times and remembered, with no small amount of nostalgia, all of those falls onto the bar.

How did I whack my groin, you ask?

With glee! Just kidding. I walked into some stuff. Some hard stuff.

And you are correct; the molecule responsible for the glow of a bug's butt is actually called luciferin, and it undergoes a complex degradation that emits light.

But isn't Lucifer more apropos for our blogging friend, LBB?