Saturday, January 21, 2006

The following post could contain any of the following - cotton balls, badgers, colitis, hair conditioner, sandpaper, bourbon, nickels, hand puppets...

I told myself when I started this blog that I would avoid the "what I did today" posts, because really, nobody cares. Considering I've broken this rule at a furious pace over the past year, I have simply ceased giving a shit. Therefore:

What I Did This Week: The Clicking You're Hearing is the Sound of People Hitting the "Next Blog" Button

This week, I spent a large portion of my time in Bill's Garage. Both Tuesday and Wednesday nights, a group of friends watched American Idol in the comfort of recliners and lawn chairs, amongst band saws, work benches and lawn care equipment. There is something magical about the atmosphere of Bill's Garage. It's allure is inexplicable, I feel drawn to it's homey feel... and I've even considered the possibility of opening a bar decorated in the garage motif. It's comfortable, there's always a fridge stocked with beer, and something good on the television. Plus, you get to see some interesting dance moves. So it's been a great week from the standpoint of spending time with, and making new, friends.

I was invited to dinner with friends Mike and Paula, at Emily's place... and was treated to amazing lasagna, as Mike and I struggled in vain to remove adware and spyware from Emily's 'puter. If you have removal advice (other than running ad-aware) please share. In many instances, it helps to evoke the phrase WWRJD. (What Would Rick James Do?) Unfortunately, it appears Rick knew nothing about removing spyware.

Last weekend, my friend Tim and I treated ourselves to huge steaks/lobster at Mike Shannon's, and checked out the talent at Johnny's in Soulard. Another night, I went out for drinks and cigars with Gary, who reminded me that our birthdays are coming up and we need to plan a trip to somewhere with a beach and a bar.

Also this week, I had various appointments and meetings, the subjects of which would bore you to suicide.

This weekend, Courtney and I are hanging out and doing general father/daughter things. Those will include:
  • Her general reassurances that she's not skipping school these days.
  • Inquiries from a father, as to the origin of the dark marks on her neck.
  • Her perfunctory excuses for the inutile mush that passes for her boyfriend's brain.
  • Goofy faces/gestures made at one another to provoke raucous laughter.
  • General childishness and the lack of maturity that is expected from a guy like me.
Have a great weekend, see you Monday!


CP said...
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CP said...

CP said...
Hubby (aka Computer Geek) suggests to download a program called "HiJack This". (Get it at Will show you every goofy thing running on Emily's computer. Then, it requires doing a little research to make sure that the programs you remove are the ones you actually want off the harddrive. You have to invest some time, he said. Or, for a flat fee, you can have him fly to where you are and fix it. *L* (He didn't say that, I did).

Your daughter is beautiful.

Russ said...

google "a-squared." it's a nifty little program that seems to find spyware other ones don't. good luck.

word verification "whorejab." i swear to God!

Jasmine said...

I love lobster Dave



Anonymous Shannon said...

Counds like you and your daughter are going to have an awesome time! Also, you sound like a really neat dad!

OldHorsetailSnake said...

Father/daughter things sound like good fun. This is the kind of "what I did" that is most enjoyable.

Diana said...

Thanks, Dave...