Monday, December 05, 2005

The unfair impact of cheating on sports

It has long been known that women root for the football team with either:

A - The tightest pants.


B - The best color scheme.

I thought men were purists, picking our favorite teams based on statistics, rivalries and loyalties.

Not so.

Yesterday, my friend Gary and I were watching the Rams completely suck, and of course began discussing which other teams we could start rooting for.

"I would like to pick the Packers," Gary said, "but my ex-wife cheated on me with a guy from Wisconsin."

No Packers for Gary.

"I used to like the Vikings, but my ex-wife cheated on me with a guy from Minneapolis," I told him.

No Vikings for me.

Bloody hell. You know, men and women really aren't all that different.


Weary Hag said...

I often wondered how men choose "their" team. Thanks for clearing this up!

So, basically it's the same strategy people use when getting out of jury duty.
"Gee your honor, I was once married to a man whose cousin knew a woman who frequented that store where the murder took place ... I'm afraid I'd be biased in the case."

I love the post!!

Chris Cope said...

And it seemed so harmless to let your ex-wife take that boat cruise. Go Vikings!

Lee Ann said...

Haha, very good insight!
It's funny how certain things can make decisions for us.

OldHorsetailSnake said...

Being cuckolded ain't near as bad as having a wife who's a Charger.

Kerouaced said...

You must never ever joke about changing team loyalties...then again the Steelers beat themselves once again maybe I should start shopping around for a new team...

Spinning Girl said...

I cheer for the team with the men who can cook the best halftime snacks.

Lightning Bug's Butt said...

In that case, don't ever root for the Cardinals. I sexed some guy's wife here in AZ.

Good observation, Dave.

lilly05 said...

No, no we aren't all that diffrent, just try picking out a baby name. "Idon't like that name, There was once this kid I hated..." Laf.

Mishka said...

Oooohhh, and some of us girls watch more sports than the boys we know and would never pick a team by colors or tight pants...:)

~The Goofy Ass Chick said...

I once worked at place that was 95% men. We had a football pool each week during football season and in order to feel like one of the guys I always participated. Like you said, I picked by the prettiness of the uniforms or whether I liked the city they were in. I began winning .. a lot. When someone asked how I made my selections I was stupid enough to reveal the truth. The men kicked me out!!! They said it was for 'serious' betters only. Assholes.