Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Mmmm... Spam

Is it just me, or have you noticed a doubling of spam hitting your inbox in the past few days? Either there's an increase, or more of it is evading my filter - and I'd like to know why.

Here is a day's worth of subject lines in my spam filter box:

Re: stevedore eerie
Re: [/]: Dnot mvoe form yuor hosue
A dance do fold cornice
But organise no ragbag disremember
unimodular be involutory, a Meghann
Re: subsoil spleen
Re: Good Deals

I had to stop, my cut/paste finger is tired.

The thing that strikes me is, if spammers are still sending out this e-rubbish, there are obviously people somewhere opening them and responding. I find that difficult to believe, but it's the only reason a company would continue doing it.

Are people truly that stupid? Do they not realize the cause and effect of advertising - that if they respond to it, they will get more of it? If you're a person who has responded to spam and are reading this now - YOU ARE THE PROBLEM. Please stop it, or I'll find you and smash your computer into small, un-reassemble-able pieces.

I sometimes play a game which involves recognizing unlikely word combinations in speech or writing, and considering the likelihood that those words have ever been used in that combination, anytime in human history. Example: "shame a porcupine." Chances are, those words have never been used in that order before, which would be a score. Oddly enough, change ONE letter, "shave a porcupine," and it's been used plenty. (by the way, it's against the rules to make up word combos, you must have used them in a conversation, then recognized their potential)

Now, with spam, that game is getting harder to play. I just received one with the subject line "epileptic foully." That would have been a sure winner.

Screw you, SPAMMERS! Get out of my head!


Lightning Bug's Butt said...

Larson's still making cartoons?

Chris Cope said...

I have noticed increased spam. I thought it was just me.

Lee Ann said...

Yeah, spam stinks!

Spinning Girl said...

I am so pissed. Apparently, according to Google, "Got Milk?" has been said before. Conard!

Amandarama said...

I got one that was pretending to be related to my E-bay account. It was so obviously, horribly an attempt at "fishing" that I hit reply and asked them if they were actively retarded. No reply yet.

lilly05 said...

Hey I'm with LBB, I thought he was dead for Christsake!