Friday, July 29, 2005

Mental Mumbo Jumbo

It appears I've risen way too early this morning, 6:30. I'm not sure what woke me, but I think it was the dream about how the entire world had moved into mobile homes. The whole planet, a trailer park. I awoke in a sweat-damp bed, fearful of the dream and it's meaning. What the hell DOES that kind of dream mean?

I'm a firm believer that mobile homes were meant to be parked behind schools and used as extra classrooms. Did you ever have to attend a class in a temporary mobile home classroom? Didn't it make you feel like a leper or something? "Maybe if I stop smelling funny and dropping chunks of skin, I will be allowed back into the building."

And what job could possibly be worse than manager at a trailer park? What horrible vocational wrong-turn must you have made to land this gig?


Packing has been a nightmare. This weekend, I will accomplish little else - and will most likely have dreams of how the entire world has moved into cardboard boxes.

For a meticulous person who has a place for everything, and believes everything should be in it's place, (read: mildly OCD) this period of time has been torturous.

And now it's down to the kitchen. The KITCHEN. Who wants to pack a kitchen, ever?


A friend and I attended the movie The Island last night. Scale of 1 to 5, I give it a 3.5... which is pretty darned good. Lots of action, in fact in terms of intensity, it brought back memories of the movie Saving Private Ryan - remember the scene where they hit the beach? Like, 45 minutes of nothing but edge-of-your-seat viewing. There were a couple of scenes that were pretty intense.

The plot (clones being clandestinely harvested for body parts by an evil doctor - 2 parts science fiction, 3 parts metal crunching action) was a little bit of a stretch from reality, but that's what movies are about. It bugs me when critics complain about the lack of reality in movies. Hey, don't most of us attend movies to excape reality for a while? What's wrong with a little fantasy?

Speaking of fantasy, I have added Scarlet Johannson to my "freebie" list.


The morning is beautiful, the sun is shining through the windows and I have coffee. I'm headed outside to enjoy the yard as much as possible before the move.



allison said...

too freaking funny! its so true. when i was in 5th grade my homeroom was in the "annex" a trailor behind the gym and i felt like a leper. great description dave!

OldHorsetailSnake said...

don't baby yourself. get back in the kitchen and pack. who knows, the movers MIGHT be on time...

Weary Hag said...

Don't forget to leave the can opener very handy.

Silly me, I thought the single REAL purpose of mobile homes on this earth was to give the tornados a place to hang out. Thanks for setting me straight on that.

I wonder if the people who bought your house would mind if you just came by in the early mornings with your coffee and sat in the yard for an hour or so on occasion.

allison said...

hope you don't mind I used annex



Lightning Bug's Butt said...

Nice addition to the freebie list.

lilly05 said...

Moving is a bummer and under certain circumstances it downright sucks! Good luck on the move, hope you find a great replacement yard. Weary Hag is right. keep the can opener handy.

Chris Cope said...

Most of good ol' Welch Middle School was comprised of T-buildings. I thought it was strange when I had a class in the actual building.

Justice said...

I always felt like an outcast when I had to take a class in one of the "mobile classrooms". It was a trailer...why couldn't they just call it that?

Lee Ann said...

Moving is not fun! Good luck, I just moved (gosh it was 2 months ago). But mine is over now! YEA!

Rob Seifert said...

So get this, I'm formulating in my mind my response to your post as I click on comments. I think "Moving is hell." then I read my wife's comment and it says, "Moving is a bummer." This is been happening all day. Following around my wife blog to blog, starting to reply and seeing that she has stolen my thunder. *Shakes his fist in defiance!!!*

Anyhoo, good luck with the move. Yes I did attend a college with trailers. Yes I did feel like a leper. Word to the wise, if your college has trailers for classrooms consider if you really want a degree from trailer university.

Finally, Scarlet is indeed yummy. I liked "The Island" too and agree with your rating of 3.5. I've just been too lazy to post ratings lately.