Saturday, July 23, 2005

Finally it's finished!

If your weekend just isn't complete without vomiting, here's your stimuli... the last 10 entries in Dave's 100 Things About Me list. Barf away.

91- The most breathtaking woman I’ve ever seen sat 2 tables away from me at the pool of the Don Cesar Hotel in 1996. She never noticed I was there but I shall never forget her face. I’m such a shallow bastard.

92- I buy pants that are 1 to 2 inches too long in the legs. When I was a kid, we didn’t really have money for new clothes every season, so many times I wore highwater pants. Kids teased me relentlessly, and to this day I don’t like it when my socks show.

93- I love my Mom. A lot.

94- Early in my radio career, the station I worked for was in a cabin in the woods. We had a coon dog named Spud who was the station tick collector and mascot, and we had to burn printer paper from the teletype machine in a fireplace to keep warm… the station had no heat except that which radiated off the transmitter.

95- More about that radio station… despite not being carpenters, my friend/co-worker Ken and I built a new broadcast studio in a back room of the cabin. We built the cabinets, wired it and moved the stuff with the help of one engineer friend, and didn’t take a single damn picture of any of it. How stupid is that?

96- I did not have sexual relations with that woman… Miss Lewinsky. But I do love dipping cigar tips in cognac before smoking them.

97- I still have scars from the splinters from my first sexual experience, it was on a picnic table in a city park near where I lived as a teen. Isn’t that romantic?

98- A friend of mine, J. D. Phipps, almost had me talked into becoming a Mo. Highway Patrolman when I was younger. I went through the physical and written test and passed. I was a week away from starting the training program when I got a call from a radio station where I had applied and took that job instead.

99- Some of the best book reading time I get is when I take my daughter to Six Flags. She’ll wait an hour in line and I read 6 chapters. If she is really in a riding mood, I can finish all of one book and part of a second one.

100- I HATE lists, so I'm really glad I don't have to bore you with this one anymore.


OldHorsetailSnake said...

"I love my Mom a lot because she made me wear high-water pants when I was little so I would get teased a lot."

Makes sense to me.

(No offense, chum. Glad to see you managed 100. I'm still about 10 short. You got any leftovers I can borrow?)

lilly05 said...

Yeah, I'm not so fond of lists myself. I worked for a radio station for about a year. The station was on the ninth floor and I hated to take the slow claustrophobic workout I could ever hope for 9 flights of stairs four times a day. I did get to write add copy and do voice work though, fun, fun, fun. Great blog, keep it up, it gives me something to do at 3a.m.!

Weary Hag said...

Regarding number 91, I'm so sorry I didn't say hello. I thought you were pretty cute too.

Hey Dave, I'm actually sorry to see your list come to an end. I know it was painful for you but tough noogies. I've had a ball learning bits and pieces about your life.

Thanks for the kind words of encouragement on my job situation. I'm quite confident that some other completely insane and off the wall type of job will replace this one in no time.

Amandarama said...

I often ended up in highwater pants as a kid, so I can totally relate.

Plus, these days I have a weird inseam length (29"). If I buy "petite" pants, they're too short. So I end up buying regular ones.

Lee Ann said...

It's weird how certain people you cross paths with will stay in your memory and make such an impression. No pictures of the broadcast studio you built? What a shame, now no one will believe you! I used to be on the swim team, for 13 years growing up. I wasn't the greatest by any stretch of the imagination, but I won a lot of ribbons, medals, trophies and plaques. I had them stored in my parent's basement for years, as I had no room for any extra stuff. My parents moved and had me clean out my junk that I had stored. I had to throw all of those boxes of awards away. I had no where to keep them. Now my boyfriend teases me that I never knew how to swim and jokingly says I must have to wear floaties now! hehehe ahahaah. Oh well, I guess I will have to keep those memories alive in my mind!

Rob Seifert said...

I too buy pants that are too long and never take them back. I'm glad that my city park experience didn't include a picnic table... I love my mom a lot too.


Cindy-Lou said...

Breaking this up was a good idea, I can never finish a list of 100. I buy my pants too long too, because Lyle Lovett said to.

Dave Morris said...

Hoss, the only leftover "thing about me" I can spare is that whole experimental thing in college that involved a goat. It's yours if you want it.

Lilly, I did the exact same thing when i worked for a radio station on the tenth floor of a building. Weird, huh?

Carol, I may have to continue the list by making shit up. Would you mind terribly? And next time, don't be so stuck up.

Amanda, I love talking about inseams. Can we continue? hehehe

Lee Ann, you expect ME to believe some crazy story about you being a swim team member if your own BOYFRIEND doesn't? Yeah... right. What do I look like, a sucker?

Robert, so are you saying you got lucky for the first time in a city park, just not on a picnic table? I'm so confused...

Cindy-Lou, it's kind of like eating beef... you can't eat the whole cow all at once, it's best if you break it down into pieces. Okay, maybe that was a bad analogy.