Saturday, July 28, 2007


Barry Bombs is one HR away from tying Hank's home-run total. He will then set a new record, I'm sure.

So f-in' what?

Barry Bonds is a cheat. So was Mark McGwire and a litany of other players who "juiced." (or currently juice) This is a non-event, and the more press it gets, the more troubled I get.

I think he should be recognized with a standing ovation when it happens (in the event he really DID set the record honorably and honestly) and that's it. He deserves no more, no less.


"Aquafina... from some of the finest bathtub spigots in Milwaukee!" (How do you like my new slogan idea?)

It was revealed this week that Pepsi has been selling customers bottled water from "public water sources."


Americans, being the gullible bunch we are, believe water from a plastic bottle is better, cleaner, healthier... than that which is consumed from the tap. Common sense (and countless and constant health department tests) would indicate we're really, really stupid for believing that.

We bitch about $2.67 per gallon gas (my neighborhood price today) but we'll fork over 20 bucks a gallon for Fiji water because it has a fancy-shmancy square bottle and a picture of a mountain on the front.

When I leave the coffee shop this morning, I will go to QT. I will purchase a large bottle of Fiji. I will pour it down the sink and replace it with tap water. I will drink that tap water from the Fiji bottle. I will repeat that process over and over until the bottle wears out. I will look cool, rich and smart.

Which is the real reason Americans buy bottled water.

Want a sip?


We're selling $20 billion in advanced weaponry to the Saudis?

STFU. You gotta be kidding me.

We never, ever learn. Ever. Stupidest, most forgetful people on Earth. Instead of making major moves to curb dependence on oil, we continue to coddle these backward MFs and dragging our feet on nuclear energy and the research of alternatives.

Nero fiddles while Rome burns.


It's studio remodel time, so I'm headed to Home Depot to buy a door, a lighting fixture, some paint and all that junk. I'll take photos.


Blogarita said...

There's just something about drinking water out of a bottle that makes it more appealing to me.

Doesn't matter if it's Aquafina or Fiji (yeah, like I've ever bought that) or just a plain tap water refill into a recycled bottle...I will drink more of it if it's in a bottle.

Maybe I should try that with wine, too.

Fantastagirl said...

Just be sure to wash that bottle with soap at some point...because the germ factor ya know?

I like my water with a little bit of syrup, color and carbonation. oh wait - that would be soda.

ajooja said...

I still like Aquafina better than a lot of the other brands. I don't care where it comes from.

Violet said...

I'm a fan of bottled water, but probably for the same reason that Blogarita does...

The studio will look awesome when it is finished. Can't wait to see it.

Ari said...

Funny, I just read an article somewhere that said that tap water is actually far more regulated than water that's bottled. So I think I'm jumping on the tap water refilling bandwagon, too. My filtered fridge water tastes fine. It's just a matter of conveniently grabbing a portable, already cold water that fits nicely in the car cupholder that makes me buy bottled, anyway.