Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Brush with greatness (and by greatness, I mean child molester)

A few months ago, and in a state of insobriety, Emily and Paula purchased 4 season tickets to the Muny outdoor theater at Forest Park. (note to self: do not relinquish credit cards to intoxicated women)

Last night we attended the Muny's production of Grease. Eh. It was okay. The lead actress (the part of Sandra Dumbrowski) was vocally a little weak. Otherwise, it was pretty decent.

While dining at Jimmy's on the Park prior to the play, I snapped this picture* of Paula.

Not that she's not picturesque, but I was actually taking the photo so I could share this inset with you.

Dude is totally Woody Allen. Minus the perversion and filmmaking genius. Subtract 25 years and add a foot onto his height, and he's a dead ringer.

I got to wondering if people actually TRY to look like celebrities, or if it's just the fact that there are only so many face types.

I've been told I look exactly like Brad Pitt.**

*Pictures taken with my new iPhone - great quality for a PDA, right?

**Maybe they said I looked like a friend of Brad Pitt. Either way.


Eve said...
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Eve said...

Holy Shitake!! We DOES look like Woody! Crazy.

Ok, I will admit: I can't believe the quality of that phone. FALmost as much as I can't believe that you stood in line for one?! ha ha

It's the envy talking. Ignore me.

Anyhoo, I love the spot the local celebrity game...

ajooja said...

Wow! You think Time Machine Woody was checking out the young girls?

OldHorsetailSnake said...

Fairly dorky, I would say.

(No, not Paula, for Christ's sake. Will you grow up?)

I think you look more like Red Skelton. But that's just me.

Magnum PO said...

Can I just kudos on the timing of your snap. You got the dude at perhaps the most un-flattering dining moment possible. He's in full chomp.