Monday, July 30, 2007

No words necessary... we're ecstatic!


Paula said...

The look on your face is priceless Dave.....

Congrats again! Hopefully we will be celebrating again in the near future!!

Love you both!

Blogarita said...

Coming out of my recent retirement to say:


Congrats you guys!! I guess that dream I had was a premonition after all.

Hugs to both of you!

Bluepaintred said...


random moments said...

WHAT?? *squeal* Congratulations!! From just reading your blogs, it looks like you guys are going to be fun parents.

Doug said...

Like I told Violet, sorry I missed the announcement.
Congratulations Dave, your a unique individual, strange at times, but unique, Your daughter and the new baby are sure some lucky kids to have a father like you.

Diana said...

Again, Congrats to both of you!! We are very excited!! :o)

Matt Gordon said...

Dave and Emily --

Congratulations!!! What a wonderful journey for both of you!

Matt Gordon

Me! said...

OMG!!!! I'm going to have to start blogging again!!! I miss this!!!

Weird thing is, I was literally talking on the phone when I stumbled up on this and just stopped mid sentence and was like, "Dave and Emily are pregnant!! Wow" The other person, "Umn... who are they?"

No one gets it. But I know you do.

I think I'm going to come out of retirement too.

Congratulations you guys!!!! I can't wait to track the progress. :-)

Stacy (fka Goofyasschick)

ajooja said...


I'm very happy for both of you. Congratulations!!!

Amandarama said...

Yay! Mucho congrats! Have you figured out names yet?

Lee Ann said...

HOLY COW!!!! WOW....that is Awesome!
Congratulations to you two and best wishes Dave.

Karen said...

Congratulations to both of you. You guys picked the best way to tell everybody. I have to say that was way cool!!!
And Dave, thank Violet for telling me not to leave yet. I would have been very upset with myself had I missed the announcement.

Ari said...

Think I feel a squee coming on... SQUEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!

You guys will be awesome at this!


Sweet rock, too!

whitenoise said...

hey, congrats! ;-)

sista said...

Congratulations you two crazy kids!

Weary Hag said...

Bringin' up the rear as usual, congrats again, Dave! (incase you didn't already see the congrats I left you on my blog comments. lol)

The ring is gorgeous, the couple is adorable, I'm guessing the baby can't go wrong.