Tuesday, July 17, 2007

A blog's worth

We're back from our weekend whirlwind trip, and I owe thanks to friends Dave, Trish and their kids... and Russ and Shelly for making it great.

We're back at it for now, but Thursday we leave for our annual camp and float trip on the Huzzah river! We'll be gone Thursday through Sunday. When we return Sunday, it'll take most of the afternoon to check for ticks.


Lately I've been off and on with blogging, although I don't have an adequate excuse. But today, I was reminded that my blog is an important and worthy spot on the net.

Back in 2005, I lost a dear friend, and wrote about it on these pages. I used what words I could find at the time to fashion something of a tribute/obituary for her... and today as someone was searching the net to find their old friend Adrianne... they learned of her death here. They posted a comment honoring her, a full 2 1/2 years after her passing. (Thanks for visiting, Alex. I'm happy to read your words of remembrance)

I conducted my own search and found that mine is the only outpost on the net which honors her life, or marks her death. Even today, there are people just getting the news... and if my blog serves no larger a purpose, I will be content.


Lightning Bug's Butt said...

Wow. How cool. If I ever die, I hope you'll memorialize me on your Snoop Bloggy Blog.

Anonymous said...

She was a good person, good mother and good friend. I miss her. I wish her "life celebration" had honored her better. I remember leaving there feeling worse than I did when I arrived... that's not always the case though. I hope my funeral is a LIFE CELEBRATION! I want my passing to be a reflection of laughter and happy memories of my life... not the mourning of my passing.

You are a good friend to her for celebrating her life. She deserved it. She made a mark.

ajooja said...

That's great, Dave.

I wish my blog was more public, using real names and such, but I've thrown too many skeletons out there for people to read. I wanted to get those things out of my system, and I really couldn't do that using real names.

You know my real name. Lots of people do.

I'm fine with that. You know "the real me" more than some people who just know my name.

It's those people. Those judgmental, idiot people who have no business connecting the dots of my real life.

That's why I'm still relatively anonymous.

(I don't have a post today. I think this is it. Thanks.) :)

Dave Morris said...

Ajooja, you mean that's not a real picture of you??????

Glad you could vent a little.

whitenoise said...

It's an interesting predicament- wanting to honour someone's life and still maintain anonymity...

I had a friend die in a motorcycle crash shortly before 911. I ended up scanning our highschool yearbook and including a page dedicated to him on the disc.

I've often thought about reproducing that on my blog, but google already washes odd things up on that shore. He was a very popular man, his funeral was standing room only, and, including his name would certainly expose mine.

Too bad. There are some things I'd like to say that I can't.