Monday, September 08, 2008

A smattering of photos (and by "smattering" I mean two)

While the van was in the shop getting $2,100 in repairs for a hit-and-run, I rented this:

It made me miss my old pickup. The Toyota Tundra is a really nice truck, but got really bad mileage. I'd prefer the Tacoma if forced to choose one.


Last weekend I made my famous Skidmark Chili. It was probably the best batch I've ever made, with just the right mixture of savory, sweet and hot. It's very chunky and features five kinds of meat.

Dr. Mike printed up a shirt to commemorate the event.

Yeah that's right. I'm smooth.


Clippy Mat said...

good job you're wearing your shades cos that's pretty hot lookin' chili.
(nice truck, but i prefer my F150.)

Blogarita said...

Since you aren't likely to share that recipe in this lifetime, will you at least leave it to me in your will? Better take out a life insurance policy while you're at it.

Alice said...

"Skid Mark" chili. I'm scared! ha ha.

Recipe. Or at least, how do u get your sweet and hot, dear Dave?

Violet said...

mmmmm.... chili! i think i'm going to go have some of the leftovers right now.