Saturday, September 20, 2008

An Eagles live blog event

I'm live at the Eagles concert at the Scottrade Center in St. Louis. Our seats are pretty spectacular - we got them through an American Express cardholder pre-sale. I've never paid 200 for a concert ticket before. We're probably 50 feet from the stage and Dr. Mike and I have made a bet about the first song. I say "Already Gone" and Mike is going with "Hotel California." he is full of shot of course, they'd never start with that song.

I'll let you know!

UPDATE 8:45 pm: Mike technically won. They played Hotel California fifth. Witchy Woman and I Can't Tell You Why are among the first set of 10 songs. The sound is amazing and the guys sound 25 years old. In oh, Lyin' Eyes is on, gotta run...

UPDATE 9:45 am, 9/21/08: During the previous three paragraphs and after writing about two more fairly lengthy ones on this post, my iPhone browser had crashed about five times, so I gave up. Hey Apple, STOP airing commercials about the "total internet," and how much better Mac products are than PC/Vista until you can get a simple browser to function reliably on your platform.

I'll write more later tonight from my never-crashed-once Vista laptop, and I'll post pictures as well.


C said...

the eagles? whoooooaaaaaaa that rocks, man. love those songs. they are part of my youth. did the wife go too? i've seen rod stewart, neil young, melissa etheridge, the grass roots, and the indigo girls.
with melissa being my fave and the best. we caught a soccer ball rod stewart kicked off the stage at his. my kids played with it for years. tickets back then were 5 buckaroos! as a high school senior, circa 1973, i was in french club, we went to see neil young in montreal, first time i ever tried and smoked weed, didn't like it. drank beer (i was 17- no one proofed you then) got really wasted and got my head stuck in metal bars that closed off a section of the civic center. teacher had to get security to cut me out. i peed my pants laughing whilst i was stuck. spent the night at my friend kim's house and we stayed up all night laughing and squirting twinkies on her parents bathroom ceiling. laughing SO hard we couldnt stop peeing. unbeknownst to us, someone slipped speed into our beer. we were up 48 hours and had to function in school. needless to say when i crashed, i slept for a loooong time. boy did we get in trouble. was worth it though.
thanks for reminding me of the good ole days. hope you totally enjoyed the concert. watch out for busloads of seniors, there're dangerous! ;)

Blogarita said...

Sounds like a great show! Did they do "Seven Bridges Road"? I've always liked that song.