Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Final wrap and pics from The Eagles

Welcome to the Hotel California. (has it really been thirty-two years since that song came out?)

After the concert Saturday night on the way home, I realized I had done something I probably would never have the chance to do again. The Eagles won't tour forever, Frey will be 60 this year. Just to see a band that was so influential during my childhood was a very moving experience. It made me feel old and young at the same time.

Of all the concerts I've seen (and that number is in the hundreds) this competed with Garth Brooks for the best. They were DEAD on with everything. Vocally the guys are all still near the top of their games. The audio experience was perfect. The projection screen in back added nice depth and meaning to the music. Meisner, Felder and Leadon are missing and it's not exactly the same without them... but they are still The Eagles.

And I will never forget the night.

The crowd was into the show, but this guy (who happened to be a row in front of us) stole my heart. He was utterly enveloped in the music, oblivious to everything around him except to occasionally turn around to prod his friends into standing and swaying.

More often than not, people like that get weird looks... but I think they've got it right. I actually wish the rest of us were more like him.


sandi said...

I saw the Eagles here in DC back in late July, and you are so right. I think they're coming back in November, and I'll be there again, just like I was there the past two times they've been here, including for some benefit concerts. Simply amazing!

PS--Garth is outstanding, too.

OldHorsetailSnake said...

Well, just as long as he and his buddies don't stand up right in my line of sight.