Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Peach Face

Grayson has begun eating solid foods. (well, as solid as pureed bananas and sweet potatoes can be)

It appears he doesn't like peaches... or is it just me?


Blogarita said...

Well, he does look a little put off by them.

Clippy Mat said...

wait till he tastes the skidmark chili.
and you're right, he is a peach face. he's gorgeous.

Lee Ann said...

Awwww... so cute!
Apparently it HAS been a while since I have logged on, he looks so big!
Have a great weekend!
Lee Ann

mckay said...

oh my gosh! he looks so much like you!


C said...

heeeeeyyyyyyyy that's the same look i have on my face when i eat purreed food, too...!!!! poor kid, i KNOW how you feel.