Monday, March 19, 2007

Vacation - Day Three

As I was pondering what to write this morning, it crossed my mind that NOBODY wants to read stories about your vacation. It makes everyone feel like SHIT because they are stuck in their day-to-day personal hells, while some jagoff is posting pictures and telling stories of lounging by a pool or lying on a beach drinking mai tais.

Well, suck it up bitches. Here's another post about my vacation.

As I'm having coffee on the lanai this morning, there are landscapers scouring the yard trimming trees, raking leaves and edging the grass. Guess what - every last one of them is speaking ENGLISH.

Back in St. Louis you can't find a landscaper that isn't carrying a green card... or a full-fledged illegal. Here, further south where you'd EXPECT to find Juan Rodriguez Morales Martinez operating the mower... you get Shecky Steinberg in your yard.


Yesterday was very relaxing, we hung out poolside for a while, then played a game called Rummikub with Violet's family. (Vi and I were partners - we lost like DOGS) Then it was high-brow entertainment on DVD (Talladega Nights) and off to bed by midnight.

Today's schedule involves breakfast at the diner, more relaxation poolside, (expected high today of 75-80) and a quiet dinner with the family. Tomorrow everything breaks loose and we go crazy on a road-trip that will take us to a Cardinals spring-training game, Busch Gardens and a couple of fantastic beaches.

Travolta keeps calling my cell, he's starting to seem a little desperate. Everyone wants to be Dave's friend... do you have any idea what that kind of pressure does to a guy?

Here's a picture of John showing me the cockpit of one of his planes.

Being the geek I am, I will have the laptop with me, so expect almost real-time updates... because I know how people LOVE to read about vacations.


When service is bad, I bitch. But when service is great, I applaud.

I bought a broadband internet card for my laptop recently from Sprint and this thing is the bomb. It delivers DSL speed and never drops a connection. It's GREAT service. If you need such a product, I recommend going with Sprint.


Eve said...

Jealous? Us??? Nahhhhhh!

Enjoy the pool and the mai-tais and the sun and the fun, you fuckers! ;)

Chris Johnson said...
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Chris Johnson said...

Tell John I want my panties back!!

Hope you guys are having a great time!!

Miss Ya Both

Russ said...

"feel like SHIT because they are stuck in their day-to-day personal hells"

You talkin' to ME?

P.S. - J.T. called and says he's giving up on getting in touch with you. Something about a Hollywood starlet... and he had to run.

Nobody™ said...

I do not want to read about your vacation, so why ya sayin' I do??

Fantastagirl said...

May you have a hang-over...bragging about mai tais...while I'm stuck at home....

Have a great time - don't forget the sunscreen.

Doo Dah said...

Sounds like heaven, have a grand time!

And Rummikub rules at our house.

Lee Ann said...

Thanks for the reminder in the first paragraph of this post!!! Thanks A LOT Dave!
The va-ca sounds great. I think the Cardinal Spring Training sounds awesome! When I lived in South Florida, we used to go see the Braves, Yankees, Mets and the Expos in Spring Training.
Great fun!

Jen, Fred, Jennifer or Mom said...

Great. You're drinking FRESH freaking Mai-tai's in warm weather while I clean boys bedrooms in the cold. This sucks.