Monday, March 05, 2007

Gooooooood Mornin'!

Nashville was a blur last week, and aside from an extreme lack of sleep, I feel pretty good. I must learn that my body is no longer 20... it's like 8 years older than that. I can no longer work all day, party all night and sleep for 3 or 4 hours, for 5 days in a row.

Well actually I guess I can.

At a party Saturday night I mentioned to some poker buddies that my new furniture is coming a few weeks earlier than expected, and will be delivered Wednesday. I was going to paint the bedroom first, while it's practically empty, but now with the earlier delivery date it would be impossible.

One of the guys says that maybe we should have a painting party the next morning and get it knocked out. Ridiculous idea, I thought... the bedroom in question has cathedral ceilings, interesting angles, ledges, corners, bay windows... all of which make it a painting challenge. I figured I would have to hire it done at a later date.

Not acceptable to this group. 'Course we were drinking.

The next morning at 11 am sharp (after I completely lost my ass and half my possessions in that poker game) Ada, Dr. Mike, Mikey, Mike, (yes, three Mikes) and Diana show up and we wet the first brush. In 2.5 hours the entire room was done, looked like a million dollars, (minus the money I had lost the night before) and I was reminded of how much I owe my friends for being there when I need a hand.

Thing is, they all know I would (and will) do the same for them. That's how the group is. We decided yesterday that none of us would hire painters for any reason... we'll all just reconvene. The brotherhood of the paint.


When you're out of pocket the news really piles up. I guess Anna Nicole is buried and Britney is trying to join her now? Oh, and Microsoft debuts a bigger Xbox memory unit. Good thing I checked my start page at MSN, otherwise I wouldn't know about these important developments.

This is where I avoid launching into a "what qualifies as news these days" tirade.


Since getting home from the trip, I have a lot of catching up to do so I'm getting started now. I'll be back around later to pick up your cans, peanut wrappers and headphones. (obvious flight-attendant reference but I have no idea why)


OldHorsetailSnake said...

That picture, you know the one, where the link takes us? I've sort of forgotten what you look like, so could you tell me please which one of those characters is you?

Plus which, I did not litter, thank you very much.

Lee Ann said...

Glad you had fun...back to the real world now.
Painting party...that is awesome.
It is great to have such good friends.
Have a great week Dave!

Fantastagirl said...

welcome back home - hope you have an easy week at work!

Blogarita said...

Glad you're back home where you and your liver can rest up.

Can't wait to see pics of the bedroom redecoration.

Swafford said...

I know it's wrong of me but the first thing I noticed in the caveman picture is that you really got screwed with that thimble sized drink cup. By the way someone told me that Randy Marrow's son was doing some of the caveman stuff in California. Surely that isn't true is it?