Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Things I learned on vacation...

1 - Four people aged 17 to 55 in the same vehicle have as much chance of sharing the same musical taste as Heather Mills has of winning an ass-kicking contest.
2 - You cannot take a Motorola Razr swimming with you.
3 - Cingular sells a good, cheap replacement phone that I am now using until the Apple iPhone comes out.
4 - My girlfriend is a statuesque, blonde, beautiful woman who looks amazing in a swim suit. (already knew this, but lying by the pool and on the beach was a fun reminder)
5 - All of the Melting Pot's restaurants smell the same.
5b - Large amounts of melted cheese and good colon function do NOT go hand in hand.
6 - The 61 dollar entry fee and 10 dollar parking at Busch Gardens-Tampa is a high price to pay for what ultimately is an expensive induction of vomiting.
7 - The Florida oranges they sell at grocery stores here in St. Louis are fresher and prettier than the ones they sell at those roadside stands in Florida... and much cheaper. WTF?
8 - Dr. Mike and Paula are great dog sitters.
9 - Driving 30 hours for vacation is a crazy concept when Southwest has freakin' 90-minute flights for $199 round trip.
10 - Even people in Florida hate American Idol contestant Sanjaya Malakar and can't wait for him to lose.

Vacation is great, but it's so damn nice to be back in my own bed. This week is a bitch at work... you know how it is. You spend an entire week after vacation playing catch-up.

Plus my tan's almost gone already.


Eve said...

Welcome back, Davey-poo...

blakbyrd797 said...

Busch Gardens, with their insane roller coasters, was the highlight of my youth.

Hey, good deal on the statuesque girlfriend! That's always fun.

Fantastagirl said...

I love roller coasters.

Lee Ann said...

Welcome back Dave! Glad you had such a learning experience on vacation!

Lightning Bug's Butt said...

They ship the best fruit. They can charge more for it. Therefore, the relative cost of shipping is cheaper.

This may be my most boring comment yet.