Wednesday, November 29, 2006

The weather, it is a changin'

This city is a weatherman's nightmare.

We are right on the line between a snow city and a rain city in winter. Meteorologists pull their hair out trying to predict, because temperatures hover so close to 32.

St. Louis used to be a definite snow city, but climate has changed a bit. Years ago, it was not unusual to get two or three 12-inch snows a year, along with a smattering of four or five 6-inch snows. Last year, we received a total of about 5 inches of snow all winter.

In the next 36 hours, winter arrives here in earnest. Today, sometime around mid-afternoon, the temp will drop from 70 to 35 in about 2 hours. Then, the precipitation will begin.

Yep, the weather here is like a box of chocolates.

Today's forecast:

Morning Sun
High around 70 degrees

Tomorrow/tomorrow night:

Changing to snow
Heavy accumulations possible
Temps 20's/low 30's

Time to head to the store and stock up on steak and beer. I will likely be staying close to home for a day or two, clearing snow off the BBQ grill and watching movies. (if the power stays on)

Then, maybe I'll take the Hummer out for some fun.

What's the weather like where you live? Are you in the southern hemisphere where summer's on the way? Drop me a comment... I need the entertainment.


Anonymous said...

Dave, you know we are getting old when all we blog about is the weather.

I'm a day ahead of you...both with the post and the weather we're getting.

Word Ver: axdnt. Don't have an axdnt while you're out in the Hummer.

Mishka said...

We are in a weird spot too. We either get warm balmy weather out off the gulf coast or we get northerns out of the NE. We can have 20 days one day and then in the 70s the next...right now we are in the 70s so I am not complaining but I would like to see a bit of snow this winter.

I used to live in Southern Japan and we had tropical weather all year. The low was in the 50s and that was really low for them. We would go scuba diving on Christmas because the water was still plenty warm (in the 70s). I miss that sometimes.

BeckyD said...

kI'm in Jefferson City, and right now the current temp is 61 degrees but it's dropping. The rain is hit or miss. They are calling rain/snow and 28 degrees....

Get ready, it's coming your way!

Eve said...

I was just talking about that last night with my son. He doesn't believe me that school used to actually be SNOWED OUT here, and you couldn't even leave the HOUSE as it could be a couple of feet deep.

GLobal warming.


paula said...

I really, really, really, want snow for my birthday (which is tomorrow) but not so much that you can't come get my ass in your hummer so we can go drinking!!

See you around 7pm???

By the way, I was the one texting you about the baby weight.....HOLY CRAP!! That's only 3lbs less than what Ella weighs now....very scary thought.

g semer said...

We are a day behind you, it's in the 60's today with a snow advisory for Friday (I got the snow blower ready a couple of weeks ago).
Thanks for the brilliantly hilarious Thanksgiving chronology.
p.s. Your Hummer's engine is from my plant in Romulus (Detroit), Michigan, enjoy.

Lightning Bug's Butt said...

Cold like a mofo here in Southern AZ last night. Down to 25 de-fuckin'-grees.

I've got a heat dish pointed on me right now.

Anonymous said...

southern california...OC. it's usually in the 70's most of the year. this week we've had a cold snap with a high of mid 60's and chilly nights in the 40's.

i put the heater blanket on the bed tonight.


beer, steak and taking the hummer for a spin in the snowdrifts. that's my boy.
i want to see a pic of the H all dirty.