Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Here's That Rainy Day

A song can really set a mood.

A few minutes ago, listening to my iTunes while working, one of my favorite songs cycled through:

Here's that rainy day
They told me about,
And I laughed at the thought
That it might turn out this way...
Funny how love becomes
A cold, rainy day.
That rainy day is here.

A look out the window confirmed - it was a cold, rainy day. Strange how music can skew your entire outlook.

So I clicked fast-forward, and the next song on shuffle was "And It Stoned Me," by Van Morrison:

Half a mile from the county fair,
And the rain came pouring down...
Oh, the water...
Hope it don't rain all day.

Fast-forward again, looking for something a little more positive. Next song:

Long as I remember
Rain been comin' down.
Clouds of mystery pourin'
Confusion on the ground.
Good men through the ages
Tryin' to find the sun.
And I wonder, still I wonder,
Who'll stop the rain.

Swear on your mom, all these songs came up on random shuffle, in a row.

I guess some days you just have to accept that rain's gonna fall.

The view out my window today.

(I know you're wondering. The next song that came up as I was writing this, was "The Last Train," by Janis Ian... which isn't ABOUT rain, but 'rain' is part of 'train'. Then, sure enough, "The Rain, The Park and Other Things" by the Cowsills. WTF?)


Now it's 7 pm, still steadily raining in St. Louis, and I have a fire in my fireplace. Hot tea, candles lit and some Nancy Wilson on the iPod. Soon I will put some bacon-wrapped scallops on the grill. (yes, I'm a REAL griller, not just a fair weather griller)

I snapped a picture of the candles. Looks nice, huh?


MIA said...

Yup, get this Iturned on the radio and Rex Harrison's Someone left the cake out in the rain was on! Then I realized Holy shit, I'm old. I know this song my mom used to clean to it followed up by Glen Campbell's Lineman for the county.AAAHHHH

Anonymous said...

Ok. So the day wasn't a complete waste... You had grilled, bacon-wrapped scallops? Yumm-o! And any day with Nancy Wilson is a good day. Plus, the Cowsills? Taking me back! "I love the flower girl..."

Anonymous said...

The picture of the candles is awesome... as were the bacon-wrapped scallops. You know that I like I like my bacon on the crispy side! Between the wine, fire, and conversation, the night was pretty damn close to perfect.

sistasmiff said...

That is one of my favorite songs. I've had it going through the stuff I listen to regularly. Remember when Bette Midler sang this to Johnny Carson on his last show? It was his very favorite song.

Anonymous said...

No rain here yesterday. The appropriate song would have been "Everyone Knows It's Wendy (Windy)."

At least I didn't say "Wind Beneath My Wings". I hate that f'ing song.

Shoshana said...

The songs sound nice, except I've never heard of them. And I listen to a lot of oldies songs growing Dad's into it, so you hear it all the time.

It was raining here yesterday, but only for 3 seconds at a time. Lasted have a day like that.

ned Wilkinson said...

No one, no-hoooo one, no one... is to rain. ;)

gary said...

I know your mom....and you HAVE!!!!

State Championship Soccer in the mud!!! It's gonna be a great weekend!!!

Lee Ann said...

Dave, that looks real nice.
What a setting with the fire, candles, and good music. Definitely good living!

Have a good weekend sweetie!

Anonymous said...

It won't stop raining here either. And it needs to damnit. I have a date tomorrow night and I can't be having curly wigged out wet head.

Oh, and "A Hard Rain" was on my iPod today coincidently.

Randy Raley said...

I, too am an all weather griller, even in snow. The Cowsills will get you kicked out of the man club, bro. On my Ipod the other day "The Rain Song" by Zep, but then again, I have always been the romantic type.