Thursday, November 02, 2006

Stardust, Salad and Steve Mays

The Stardust is no more.

Over 48 years ago, it was the world's largest hotel. Soon it will be a pile of dust and debris, with Wayne Newton's hairpiece probably buried somewhere in the middle.

It is sort of romantic to think it was once run by the mob... of course, what Vegas casino wasn't.

Still. Imagine the quiet inside right now. For the first time in 48 years, the place is closed. The hallways are empty. The roulette wheels that haven't stopped once... stand still.

Goodbye old friend.


The salad at dinner tonight was made with fresh lettuce, greens, carrots and croutons.

And it was only AFTER finishing it, that I noticed the expiration date on the dressing I was using:

And yet, I was more likely to lose my life by eating the fresh lettuce, than by eating the year-and-a-half expired salad dressing.

Would that be ironic, or simply implausible? Not real sure. But I'm sure tired of having poop in my salad greens.


Steve Mays makes a great point about worry in this article.

I find myself anticipating things to worry about. I'm actually worried about things I might worry about IN THE FUTURE. I never used to be that way... which worries me.


Fantastagirl said...

That was one hotel we didn't go through while we were there - I don't know why - but we should have.

Chris said...

You really need to go through the pantry and fridge and check all your expiration dates!! I remember the mayo.....that was gross!! LOL

Lightning Bug's Butt said...

Your wit is sharper than ever, BDD.

Glad you're posting again.

Mishka said...

I like to say I am not a worrier, but I do like to be prepared for every eventuality...that doesn't make me a worrier does it?

Miss Blog Gone Bust said...

My Hubby tears through the fridge and medicine cabinet like a Expiration Date Nazi. Thank God, or I would be sharing your pain.

Ned Wilkinson said...

I have this really strange and probably irrational fear of becoming violently ill from tainted mayo-based products. But I keep eating the stuff. It's my way of living on the edge.

Violet said...

Chris - Just last week, I emptied his fridge and threw away all sorts of stuff. I should've taken a picture and blogged about it! I threw away applesauce that was a year old, cocktail sauce that was over eight months expired, and we had three different open bottles of wing sauce... I didn't even get to the stuff on the door of the fridge! Let me know if you want to be part of that experiment!

(Oh, and by the way... Dave is also hoarding Little Debbie snacks from last Christmas in his pantry! They are even red and green colored! Mmmmm....)

Dave Morris said...

Vi, those Little Debbie snack cakes aren't even SUPPOSED to be green.

Anonymous said...

I'm worried. I'm worried why Lightning Bug's Butt keeps calling you Big Daddy Dave.

paula said...

Okay Dave we need to have a talk: If you are ever going to babysit Princess Ella you are going to have to clean out your pantry and fridge. I can't take the risk of sending her over there and you stuffing her full of Samonella, Ecoli and Mold.

I bet the crazy folks of Bill's garage could have a load of fun mixing expired things together from your house to see what we could come up with.