Saturday, April 08, 2006

World Traveler

I'm in Joplin, Missouri right now. I know, I know... you're completely envious. Let me tell you something, it's you jealous million who harsh the buzz of we privileged few.

Some of the things found in Joplin:
  • One store - Bob's Radio Shack, Bait 'n Tackle and Liquor Shop - where you can purchase minnows, tampons, an 8-track tape player and Stoli.
  • A memorial marker which commemorates the historic horseback ride by Janis Joplin. She left St. Louis on a horse and rode it until it died of dehydration. That spot was marked and a city was founded at that location. Yes, it is the city of Janis, Missouri.
  • There is a similar marker in Springfield, Missouri commemorating an historic jog by singer Dusty Springfield. It celebrates the founding of Dusty, Missouri. (this is the kind of stupid shit that occurs to you when you're sitting in a Holiday Inn in Joplin)
  • A sushi bar with a mechanical bull.
  • Twelve Waffle House locations.
  • Zero Starbucks.

See you in hell, jealous whiners! Oh wait, I'm already there.


Mike A. said...

Try the loose meat sandwiches at the Mark Twain Diner. Don't ask.

Used Hack said...

I took a train to Sedalia once just to take a train.

The train-ride itself was more enjoyable than our tour of the city. Thank God we were only there one afternoon.

(I know this has nothing to do with Joplin, but that's all I've got.)

Diana said...


Weary Hag said...

I am just sitting here wondering if you actually went there on purpose or if you were perhaps on a date and got kidnapped and had your kidney stolen and ended up there in a bathtub filled with ice?

I know this is cruel, but I almost hope it was the latter.

Lee Ann said...

What are you doing there Dave?

Blogarita said...

I think Hack is getting Joplin and Scott Joplin mixed up.

You must be there on business Dave, since there doesn't seem to be any pleasure there.

Nichole said...

Ive been to Joplin.....Once.

Amandarama said...

Wow. A sushi bar with a mechanical bull? The mind boggles. Truly.

Did you try the place out? Is it any good?

Chris Cope said...

Who needs Starbucks when you've got Waffle House, baby! Get you some grits!