Friday, April 21, 2006

Closed circuit message to Cardinals fans...

We are attending the game tonight (Friday, 7:10 pm) against the Cubs, and will be tailgating prior. You're invited to come by.

UPDATE - Cardinals won the game. Highlights:

  • Babe-esque, I pointed to the Dobbs sign in left field when Albert Pujols came up to bat and said, "he will hit a homer just above the sign on the next pitch." He hit it about 5 feet to the right of that sign. I credit my incredible baseball knowledge. Other people, not surprisingly, credited my amazing ability to bullshit my way through life.
  • Emily and I engaged in a contest, where one person says the name of someone famous, then the other person has to say another famous name, whose first name starts with the first letter of the last name of the previous person. For instance, if I said "Bill Cosby," she'd might say "Cybill Shepard." Then I'd say "Sam Adams," and she'd say "... A... uh, A... um, I give up." Yes, I totally RULED in that game, although it did go a little longer than this illustration... but she had to enlist the help of the guy next to us to keep up.
  • We decided we're going to the other two games this weekend, if we can get tickets. With the help of, that seems quite possible. And yet, so not-cheap.

Cubs suck.


Chris Cope said...

Mark this as the one time I wished I lived in St. Louis.

~The Goofy Ass Chick said...

I'm with him. Of course anywhere is better than Cincy.

Violet said...

yeah, dave will be the one in the cards jersey and i'll have on the cards tank top. we'll be super easy to identify! but, i mean, seriously, i think it will be the bud light that will give us away!


(the cubs suck!)

Diana said...

Wish we could join you. Sounds like fun. I think Em should donate her ticket to my hubby since she didn't go on Sunday. (LOL) ;o)

BlogLaughs said...

Well, crap! I'll be at home watching the game on TV tonight.

Have fun. Go CARDS!!!

emily said...


Never in my life have I uttered the words "I give up." DAVE actually quit the game, being a spoil sport because he was upset that Ted, the good ole boy sitting next to me, was teaming up with me against him. I do admit, though, that I had a lot more "thinking time" in between responses than Dave, but I credit that to the massive amounts of alcohol I had already imbibed. (Yes, I'm a lightweight... So, sue me!)

Weary Hag said...

I really like the game. There nothing quite like nail-biting until you know for certain that your team will win; the sitting on the edge of your seat; the munchies you get to enjoy while playing ... trying to guess who will bring it all home. Phew.

Baseball's pretty fun too.

Lee Ann said...

I am sure my dad is ecstatic. He is a huge Cardinal's fan. St. Louis is where my parents grew up.
I know you must have had a great time at the tailgate.

CP said...

I kick my husbands ass at that celeb game all the time. I hit him with a lot of Z's. Messes him up big time. Heh. Glad you had fun!