Friday, December 26, 2008

Aiden Bo Baiden

The list of "most popular baby names" came out for 2008, and the boy names seem a little monotonous to me:

  1. Aiden

  2. Jayden

  3. Ethan

  4. Jacob

  5. Caden

  6. Jackson

  7. Noah

  8. Jack

  9. Logan

  10. Matthew
Aiden, Jayden and Caden? What about Baden, Faiden, Laden and Maiden? Ethan is my favorite on that list, but I might be a little biased, since I have a new nephew by that name.

For the girls, the most popular names were:

  1. Emma

  2. Sophia

  3. Madison

  4. Isabella

  5. Olivia

  6. Ava

  7. Madeline

  8. Addison

  9. Hailey

  10. Lily
Where's Emily, Jennifer and Susan ferchrissake? How could those just fall out of vogue?

I'm a rebel, I'm more likely to look at the list of popular names and choose something completely different.


Big shopping day! Although this is one of the worst holiday shopping seasons in recent history, I have a feeling it isn't over. I might head out and see what kind of bargains are available today... which is being billed Black Friday, The Sequel.

I hope your Christmas was as great as mine was!


Violet said...

I'll have to go check where Grayson falls on the list this year. I'm sure that it has jumped up since '07.

Clippy Mat said...

hmm, don't think much of those names. they seem so 'done before'.
glad you had a good christmas.

is it over??

C said...

you wouldnt BALEEVE some of the names people nowadays MAKE UP to give to their babies... i work in OB and take care of the newborns.... here are a few examples of names we have had lately...

journeykin (boy)
e'clipse (girl)
sammeri (boy)
samsonian (boy)
egor (boy)
Fred, graceland (after elvis's home?) wynter (girl)
i mean, come on already. then we have the parents who give the kid a normal name but spell it so wierdly different that the poor kid will have to spell it out the rest of his/her life... such as alecia/aleesha/aleasha/alesha/
alesia/alleesha/alysha/allisha.... i could go on and on.
this job never ceases to amaze me.


Matt said...

And for 2009:

#1 with a bullet....