Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Haircut Day

It's weird.

Today started with crappy roads and cold weather, which made the task of transferring the baby seat and driving both vehicles out so the van could get serviced rather dicey.

Then the session of one of my bigger clients, which was a very full page of several hard-to-read promos, was running a quarter-hour late.

I began the daunting task of bringing all of my billing in-house, which involves heavy levels of data entry and client contact. I did some banking and balanced the books, which is never a positive experience. (Why is it you never err in the positive? This time I was off less than 2-grand.)

The van wasn't finished on time so we ended up leaving it overnight, which isn't at all convenient.

The baby was very fussy today, as he struggled with teething and sinus congestion. He also had a diaper blow-out.

Not exactly a great day by any measuring stick!

And yet, at the end of it, I looked in the mirror and remembered I* got a haircut today. It's odd that such a simple event made such a positive impact. I look younger, it's easier to take care of, and it was a chance to socialize with the "barber"... the usual small talk about weather, the stock market and Christmas.

But it made my day. Renewing and invigorating, haircuts are.

*No, that's not a picture of today's haircut.


The Comeback Kid said...

I thought that was your haircut for a few minutes. is it somebody you know or just one you found on the internet?

Paula said...

Is that someone you know? The background looks just like your kitchen....

Funny the word verification is , Wateri....diaper blow outs and all!!

Clippy Mat said...

Thank the lord for that.
unless the head belongs to someone you know, in which case it's er
very smart.

Violet said...

Your haircut looks great. I feel the same way after getting my nails done. Hair too, but that isn't quite as frequent, and often it takes me a while to get used to a new hair style or color.

Violet said...

BTW - Paula - I can guarantee that our cabinets are not that empty.