Thursday, December 18, 2008


I've given in to an insatiable desire to spend even more time on the computer. I've joined Facebook.

Day one, I have 35-40 friends. I can't believe I know so many people who are also slowly wasting away to nothingness in front of their computer screens.

If you, too, wish to forget what your family looks like, go to Facebook and join. But be careful. If you get email on your mobile device and have a bandwidth limit, joining Facebook might put you over.

I have a slogan suggestion. Facebook... because I had forgotten all the reasons I stopped talking to these freakin' people in the first place.**

*Sounds like an insult that a librarian would use.
** I kid. I love my friends.


Violet said...

Wouldn't the librarian use it as more of a compliment?

I'm glad that you joined. That way, I can have a link to you and people don't think that I'm only imaginarily engaged.

Blogarita said...

I have a Facebook account that I haven't used in months. Guess I'd better go check it out again.

The Comeback Kid said...

it's sad.. my friends and I have turned facebook into a huge joke because there are people who take it so seriously.

For instance, we never believe anybody is in a relationship unless it is posted on Facebook.

Or attend parties that aren't an official event on Facebook. I don't know which is worse-- that we actually abide by those rules or that we always have multiple places to go every weekend...

C said...

i'll check it out, but for the time being, blogger takes up the spare time i have. there will come a day tho, cuz i know people, ALOT of people on facebook.


Blogarita said...

Thanks a lot for re-opening THAT can of worms for me. I've spent about half of the last twelve hours on it.

Clippy Mat said...

I am addicted to playing pathwords on Facebook!! It's my current fad, but I'm sure it will soon pass... once I have beaten my friend's high score!
to looking at pictures of my daughter and her exciting life since she moved to England 18 mths ago!

(but she comes home for Christmas today :-)))) so I don't need to stalk her online for 2 whole weeks.)