Saturday, December 13, 2008

Dateline: Clearwater Beach FL

We're poolside at the Sandpearl Resort on the beach, it's 70 degrees (a little cool for here) and I'm on my 3rd Pina Colada. The hottub is 103 degrees and we enjoyed the biggest lobster tail ever a couple of nights ago. I'll post pictures later, as if you really wanted to see them.

I need to remind myself I'm here on business. (98 percent pleasure, 2 percent business)

It's kind of Emily's and my gift to each other for Christmas.

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C said...
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Clippy Mat said...

this week i've been shovelling snow, and scraping ice. so 70 degrees sounds tropical. and pina coladas??

Violet said...

Merry Christmas, honey. Although - are you absolutely sure that we don't want to get each other another gift?? :o)