Saturday, December 06, 2008

Iced cookies

We hosted a little holiday get-together last night for Emily and Paula's "Mommy's Message Board" group and during the course of the evening, things got a little... shall we say out of hand? High stakes deals were made. Products/services changed hands. There were a few too many witnesses.

It had to be done. They knew too much and were acting all nervous and chatty toward the end of the night. Dr. Mike and I arranged for the "cleaning crew" to stop by and "tidy things up."

The holidays can be harsh.


C said...

i love it! way to go, guys.... can't take ANY chances with the gingerbread gang!! they gossup more than 10 chickens at a penis party! hahahahahaha

Sarah said...

I still can believe someone did that to my good cooking! Great post!

Blogarita said...

I know a few people I'd like to do this to.